Sunday, 14 December 2008

Reading the papers...

The Congo, Zimbabwe, Greece, Iraq... Why them? Why not me, why not "us"? Reading the news these days leaves me feeling sad and puzzled; I think more so just now because my personal life is so happy that it is bordering on bliss - yet I look out at the world and see the pain and misery of so many it makes my heart hurt. There IS no logic, no pattern that I can see. There is hope, there is always hope but I think for a mother in the
Congo or Darfur ravaged by war or Zimbabwe ravaged by cholera it is not a real thing.


Crushed said...

Maybe hope is more real to them, precisely becuae it really is a necessity of life for them?

It is what keeps them going, against the odds.

Moannie said...

I cannot believe, as I look into the eyes of the refugees streaming away from the fighting in these regions, that they have hope in their hearts. Even the God they have been led to believe in seems to have deserted them; and their own countrymen are slaughtering them. Not that I blame God, if he exists...he gave us the power to reason.
What hope can they have? That the fighting will stop and that they can return home, always supposing home is where they left it. That their dead loved ones will return? That they will have food tonight...that the rest of the world will save them in between opening gifts and filling our bellies? Sad, and sadder still is our inability to do more than put money in a tin and hope it reaches those who need it.