Wednesday, 8 April 2009

what ever Path you choose..

Happy Passover to the those People of the Book, and Happy Good Friday as well. For us pagans it is a celebration of Spring and renewal of life.

I am off with J to his brother's home which sits on a lovely ranch ( the house is the restored home of a Texas Ranger - too cool, and yes, I have the data, and yes I will post on it on my return) to the north of Austin, Texas with the children, and his mother - he's picking up the van now :-o It is the celebration of Passover for the Tribes and I am there to represent the pagans - I have a new green dress and everything. I am taking my new toy, the FLIP camcorder to record the event and practice my future as a director.

I had planned to give you a newsy post but the MIgraine monster has been really active of late and got me again last night - cheeky bugger.

Ciao and I'll be back on Friday.


Gary said...

"Pagan" is derived from the Latin meaning something like "bucolic" or "country folk". Crickett, you're far too cosmopolitan to honestly claim "pagan" as a descriptor. That said, a trip to the hill country in a new green dress sounds like a lovely way to celebrate liberation and the beginning of a great adventure (Passover), a cosmic "YES!" to distributive justice and the strategy of non-violent civil disobedience (Easter), and especially the "pagan" celebration of Springtime Bacchanal. I hope you have a wonderful time!

jmb said...

Different kind of adventure to your usual one. Have fun.

Moannie said...

That's what I am then, a Pagan...whew! Have a lovely time with flowers in your hair and the dew on your toes.

drea_dear said...

When you return (and the migraine monster has left), I've given you an award on my blog. Go pick it up and enjoy!

I Beatrice said...

Not even the biceps do it for me, alas. The biceps least of all in fact. Unless it should be the hair. Or the mad glint in the eyes.

Give me the type of the late Paul Newman every time. A man with a laugh in his eyes, who hasn't thought about his biceps in years, and doesn't give a damn about his knees!