Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Too much fun to write!

We are having a brilliant time in Paris. The weather is wonderful. Much romance. Many adventures. Many stories of fun and folly. I will share all (all right most) after we return to the U.S. on Sunday.



Anonymous said...

I had been wondering how you were doing - will I get a pressie from Paris? I can see France from my window right now by the way... its so long since I went there...

Ian Lidster said...

I would be ashamed of you if you took time out to write at your current moment. I know you are having a wonderful time.

James Higham said...

Can't wait.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

I am so glad you are enjoying yourself. I haven't been to PRG for a while. Haven't been able to write for a while. Too much spying and too much strife. You give me hope for the future though.

lady macleod said...

I sent you a lovely French poodle with an attached introduction to his beautiful mistress Not arrived? Bugger I hope I got the postage correct...
Thank you for coming by. Your presence is always a pleasure.

Yes we did have a brilliant time.

I totally botched the hotel however! I thought I had booked us into this historical, interesting, quaint place but instead - it was just old - with a stinky toilet, and incompetent and disinterested staff!
Details forthcoming on the blog - good for stories.

I made a French waiter's head explode, which pleased J to no end, and we had gorgeous weather - complete with rain. I do so love Paris when she wears her rain gear. We hit wonderful food right down the line all week, and embraced the romance with full hearts.
Thank you for coming byl

Thank you for coming by my friend.

Hello my friend! What a wonderful thing to say, that I "give you hope"! Thank you and I very much hope that continues to be the case because I can't think of higher praise. You are in my meditation every day, and I have a lot of confidence in your ability to bounce back and kick some serious ass.
Thank you for coming by.