Monday, 16 November 2009

Renaissance Festival 2009

I really think the Druid persona suits me eh?

We took three teenage boys and two teenage girls.
Best lines of 14 November 2009/ Renaissance Festival

“I have to get the chicken pox right away.”

“Boys do it quicker and longer than girls…”

“Why can’t they (women) open their own doors?”

“How did you have time to see so many places?” I thought you were like 25. No way you are 60!”

“Hey man that’s my wife you’re hitting on.”


James Higham said...

Careful being a druid - the Romans are in the area.

Ellee Seymour said...

I think you look fab. I would love a garland like that too.

Ian Lidster said...

Druidically darling you are divine as always.

Anonymous said...

I am wearing exactly that outfit myself right now! What a coincidence...

Sparx said...

Well I am envious - the festival and being mistaken for 25!! Sounds like fun...

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

I like the pink head dress. A feel good bonus the 25 thing.

darth sardonic said...

well i for one think so m'lady. and the random sentences are genius!

lady macleod said...

Indeed, and I am keeping my head down. Thank you for coming by.

You would look smashing! I think you should go right out and get one.
Thank you for coming by.

Sigh, you are so very good for my ego love.
Thank you for coming by.

You know I just knew that somehow...
Thank you for coming by.

Indeed! Albeit the young man was 15 and 25 looks a lot like 45 at that age - but still puts me 20 years to the good!
Thank you for coming by.

Thank you and yes it was. Thank you for coming by.

I would love to take credit for the great lines, but I was just giggling in the front seat and taking notes!
Thank you for coming by.

Dulwichmum said...


You are just stunning sweetie. Good for you and what are you using?