Thursday, 7 January 2010


7 January 2010

Even I, the one who scoffs at the idea of actual "cold" in Houston, Texas - admit that I am a bit chilly! And those very cold people in the Southern U.S. who have little experience with real cold and not the clothing or equipment to deal with it, are really in dire straits! CNN showed London awash in snow this a.m. but the good news is that the front carrying the chilly temperatures is fast moving, so buddle up everyone and perhaps this next tidbit will help…

On a more fun factual front - hear about the new medical report stating that frequent (apparently that has a spectrum of 3 times/week to 4 times/month) the more frequently you have sex, the healthier you will be in the present and the long run. It was stated that even as few as four times per month will equal a seven mile run - so all of you who prefer to sweat indoors...

Can I call them or can I call them?! I have said this for years, and having had to endure a self-imposed exile from the physical pleasures that lasted over a decade (yes, all groan together now) I am even more overjoyed to be married now, and to a man I find infinitely appealing….



darth sardonic said...

i've been saying that for forever too! lol, and then wife and i saw a thing on hbo about sex that said if a man orgasms a few times a week he does wonders for his heart. to which i replied, "i'm gonna live forever!"

lady macleod said...

Thank you for coming by.

James Higham said...

Nah, it's not cold - it's beautifully mild.

Ian Lidster said...

Such clinical advice re indoor recreation is only to be cherished -- and followed.

The Woman who Can said...

I wouldn't dare disagree with medical advice

Vago said...

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lady macleod said...

There you go! Thank you for coming by.

Indeed! Thank you for coming by.

The Woman who can
Smart;) Thank you for coming by.

Vago Thank you. And I will do that albeit I think this is the last time I can be considered in that catagory.

Ellee Seymour said...

So glad to hear you are blissfully happy. Your life is certainly different now to your days in Morocco.