Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Only so much a girl can do!

As you may have noticed the blog space has been filled with other people's words and photographs - that would be because I apparently do not have enough strength to both blog and garden! As my garden really needs me right now I thought you could join me, and jump right in with suggestions.

Here are are a few photographs, click on the photograph over to the right at the top to see the entire progress - so far!

This is some exercise routine I can tell you!


James Higham said...

Envious that you have a garden.

And a house.

lady macleod said...

I'm quite grateful myself, and that it has the adorable husband in it. I'm having to settle into settled life - I still have not put the stuff on the walls - it has become a standing joke between the adorable husband and I, but he is encouraged that I have began the garden. :-)
Thank you for coming by.

Ian Lidster said...

All quite lush and splendid -- the garden too. Looks very inviting. How did you get the butterfly to pose in the bottom photo?

lady macleod said...

Thank you love. I told the Butterfly it was time for his close-up, and wa la! :-)
Thank you for coming by.

Sue St Clair said...

Lovely garden! I wanted to stop by and thank you for your kind words on my own blog. I appreciate them :)

Happy weekend, and I'll be back for further reading :)

Lynn said...

Is that a shot of tequila? :) Well deserved, if so.

Carver said...

Your garden looks great. Very appealing.

Carolina Victory said...

Your garden is beautiful. I can tell how much work you've put into it.

Thanks for visiting my blog!


French Fancy said...

Oh hello again - isn't it awful. I meant to return before now and delve into the 'other' blog - as well as here. I do forget things sometimes.

As for you out in the garden - I share your woes. Once I am out there it is all okay but it's the thought of it that gets on my nerves. It sort of becomes the dreaded chore.

lady macleod said...

Sue ST Clair
Thank you, and I enjoyed my visit to your blog as well.
THank you for coming by and do come back.

That's 18-year-old Macallan's baby! Hoorah! :-)
Thank you for coming by.

Thank you and thank you for coming by.

Carolina Victory
THank you and thank you for coming by.

French Fancy
Always good to see you. New post coming up soon on the 'other' blog ;-)
At the moment I'm loving it; but time will tell...
Thank you for coming by.