Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Who needs Kevlar when you have a DoubleD?

I must share with you an article in my latest issue of SWAT magazine, written by Scott Reitz.

Apparently he received a call from a reporter regarding an incident that took place in Los Angeles where a young woman was shot through the right arm and the velocity carried the bullet into her chest. Her surgeon said, “ I saw the CT scan. The bullet fragments were millimeters from her heart and her vital organs. Had she not had the implants, she might not be alive today.”

The young reporter, Ching-Ching Ni, apparently took this to the, well I wouldn’t say the next level, but rather somewhere in a world of logic – apart.

Her questions to Scott Reitz reflected a preformed idea she apparently did not wish to let go of in the face of any fact or reason. Listen to this:

“So Mr. Reitz,” she asked, “would you say that women should get breast implants to save their lives in the event of a shooting?”

He explained the unlikely events of caliber, velocity, and aspect angle of introduction of the wound that would have to take place to make that a “yes”.

“So you’re saying it could save someone’s life?”

“Under ideal conditions, yes.”

“So would you recommend that all women get breast augmentation?”

“Yes, but not necessarily for that reason.”

“What do you mean?”

“Forget it.”

Does it matter that the breast is filled with saline solution?”

“I really don’t think most men care about that one way or another.”


“Forget it.”

“Well, would the saline solution stop a bullet?”

“It could, but the damage would be a crying shame.”

“What do you mean?”

“Forget it.”

“Do you think that this situation is more unique to L.A. than the rest of the country?”

“Well, if it’s frontal ballistic protection you’re talking about, then I guess L.A. has everyone else in the world beat, hands down, no questions asked!”

He went further to explain to the woman that if breasts implants were truly a foolproof protection against getting fatally wounded, he would get a set himself. He went on to explain to her to make the protection worthwhile one would need the implants back and front, above and below the waist….

I swear to you this is a real article in the August 2010 issue of SWAT magazine and the young woman’s article did run: “Scarred but grateful to be alive, L.A. Times, 25 February 2010.

You just have to wonder what goes on in the brains of some people…


Ian Lidster said...

I hardly know what to say about this other than that Pam Anderson will be well-protected in cases of gun-play.

lady macleod said...

Indeed! Thank you for coming by.