Saturday, 2 October 2010


Just checking in to say, 'I'm not dead.' Writing is LONELY work. Writing a book once you have done the story part is work-work. Especially if the book began life as a simple romantic tale and turned into a blow 'em up with hot sex and tortured love!

Thanks to the adorable husband, who put in more time than I can tell you, reading through the rough draft and giving me his perspective (he is a very good editor) I have an idea of just how much work there is to do! Backstory! Backstory is tough. I mean you have to tell the reader who this person who has entered the story is, but not too much, and not too early; but if you wait too long they are confused and won't care about the character.

"Show, don't tell!" Arghhh. You must make your characters engage in actions that demonstrate to the reader their personalities; you can't just say she was sexy but prissy, tough but delicate, sad but optimistic - that would be too easy aye?

So that's where I am - at my keyboard, with occasional breaks on the treadmill and for laundry!

I am off to New York City on Monday for a week with my daughter! Huzzah! I shall still be at my keyboard, but in the Waldorf Astoria hotel and with long walks about the city! We are also going to the ballet, and thanks to the adorable husband, he's the 'go-to tickets guy', we have brilliant seats. I also intend to make use of my child's most excellent brain power if she has the time.

After that I have one more week at home before the Surrey conference and my deadline! whimper....



Gary said...

Hey, book writer...

hang can certainly be a grind.

On another subject, do you remember the night we met Jack Nicklaus in Mobile? Do you recall how he and his entourage walked back to our room because he, Bob Toski and the others wanted to meet the "pretty woman" (that's what Toski called you? And finally, do you recall how while you visited cogently with (so far) the greatest golfer of all time, I stood there doing my finest mouth-breathing, utterly dumbstruck, mumbling, fetal alcohol syndrome imitation? Just to let you know, I did the exact same imitation years later in Columbus, Ohio, sans the "pretty woman". Some things don't change. I'm still starstruck by're still the pretty woman. Have fun in New York.

Ian Lidster said...

I think your spirit of perseverance is better than mine right now. I am lost in the doldrums of either wanting to get it finished (and it's close) and no longer giving a shit.