Saturday, 7 July 2007

I was going to talk about how hot it is here, but then I saw this and decided perhaps not. I am so fortunate that even on the hottest days; the sea breeze has been blessedly cool, and even chilly at night. We are still sleeping with a blanket, so nothing much to complain about eh?

I had my reflexology (foot) massage at Moving again. This time the thirty-minute massage lasted twenty minutes. That is still not up to specs. I tend to be a very generous tipper, because I think good work should be rewarded, but I feel the same about poor performance. I have paid for the massages, but left no tips. I am thinking Maryam will get the hint, as I tipped the hammam mistress very well. We’ll see… the massage is so good; I am willing to give it one more try. I am in a bit of a bind as we have seen nowhere else that offers it.

That happens quite a bit here, when you realize you can’t just run out for something, anything, whatever. For instance I need, really need not just for play, a bed table/breakfast table. I use them to work. I am one of ‘those’ people. I love to spread everything out on the bed so I can see and reach it, and then work from there but the laptop is too hot and ungainly for me without a table for long term working. And there just isn’t one. We went over to Agdal and walked about, found some lovely lingerie at La Vie en Rose but no table. I looked at the Marjane in Souissi, no joy; so now I am at wit’s end. You can’t order something like that, the postage to get it here cost more, and sometimes twice the cost of the item! It is interesting to find what you can live without… Nonetheless I shall forge ahead today for another look.

I went by Dessange yesterday to have my hair washed and blown out, here is called “a brushing”. The wonderful Muss who cut it before is on vacation. I did not care for the job the chap did today, not bad, just not up to snuff; however the woman (I will get her name tomorrow at the manicure) who washed my hair gave me a scalp massage to die for! I almost dropped my fan, to which I was clinging for dear life, to the floor I was so relaxed. And the woman at the reception desk was all over it, “You are not very pleased? You did not like this one? You will tell me and I will have someone else for you next time.” Now that’s service. Hear this ladies – the wash, massage, and blown dry? 100 dirhams (12 usd/6 pounds), with 20 for the hairdresser, and ten to the shampoo lady. Such a deal. Apparently it was “impossible!” to have a manicure today, ah well probably too hot to dry anyway.

M.C. Solaar is moping about missing Q.

Here we go, I started thinking about this last night when Annie at Blooming Marvelous mentioned she doesn’t like westerns (gasp). Top Ten All time greatest movies:

The Dirty Dozen
The Seven Samurai/and then The Magnificent Seven (for those who prefer guns to swords)
The African Queen
Breakfast at Tiffany’s/An Affair to Remember (I know that’s cheating, but it’s MY list.)
Star Wars
The Great Escape
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Young Frankenstein
Henry V (the one with Kenneth Branagh)

What are yours?


Poetess said...


Sounds like you have had a good pamper. Hair and Feet, top and tail.

Enjoyed the read.


Annie said...

You are the only woman I have ever seen admit to liking Westerns! - Breakfast at Tiffany's and Star Wars were good though :)

Reactionary Snob said...

My dear,

Thank you so much for your comment, I will return to your blog regularly.

Love, or what you will,


I Beatrice said...

Whatever you do Lady M, don't leave your laptop where anyone can sit on it! If it has an LC screen, even MC the cat pouncing on it might have its ill effect!

To your list of films I must add Crocodile Dundee. It doesn't matter how often I see it, I still love it. It's something to do with the antipodean aspect I think - and that mesmeric digeridoo beat at the end..... It fells me every time!

I'd also add Horse Whisperer, and Out of Africa and All the Presidents' Men and Butch Cassidy. Mostly for Robert Redford and Paul Newman it has to be said....

Oh, and The Godfather - but only for the wedding music, and the bits with Al Pacino....

The Good Woman said...

I'd add Singing in the Rain. And so glad to see Star Wars made it up there.

In your shoes I would be relying heavily on face champagne - or any of those misty things to help cool you down in intervals.

lady macleod said...


indeed nothing like a good pamper! I am so pleased you enjoyed the read, and thank you for coming by.


I love westerns! "The Sons of Katie Elder", "High Noon","Silverado", "The War Wagon"! Love them! Good and evil so clearly defined, and the good guys win!

reactionary snob

what a kind thing to say. I shall be pleased to have you, and thank you for coming by.

i beatrice

I am still giggling - you and Crocodile Dundee! Priceless! I love it. My favorite line was "You think that's a knife? This is a knife." and he pulls out the Australian version of a Bowie knife.

I shall indeed be careful of my screen! horrors to be without my laptop!!
thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...

good woman

"Singing in the Rain" was one of Q's favorites when she was wee! Misting with champagne, I rather like that!

thank you for coming by.

Snuffleupagus said...

Sounds like you're living the life of a movie star! Audrey Hepburn is the brightest of them all.

lady macleod said...


I'm pleased to 'see' you. Audrey Hepburn was certainly a lady, on and off the screen! I agree.

thank you for coming by.

jmb said...

That masseuse needs a timer. Perhaps you should give that to her as a tip.
Adding some of my favourite films:

The Lion in Winter
Lawrence of Arabia
Pride and Prejudice (series with Colin Firth--I know, this is my list
I Claudius (another series)
The Forsythe Saga (old B&W version, before VCRs and you had to stay home to watch it)

lady macleod said...


great idea, the timer!

I LOVE "Lion in Winter" with O'toole and Hepburn!!! I have to tell you I bumped it from my list last year for Star Wars (I hang my head)

My version of the BBC series with the ONLY Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth): I wore out the VCR tapes and have replaced them with DVDs that are looking a bit worn from wear!

great list. thank you for coming by.

Mama Zen said...

Ah, now a foot massage, that I could really get into!

You know, I always preferred Life of Brian . . .

My brain is blue, by the way!

Pamela Jeanne said...

Thanks Lady Macleod for your continued kind and supportive comments on my blog. I'd like to buy you a glass of wine some day as you sound like a very interesting person!

Just returned from Lake Tahoe (the Nevada side)to the Mediterranean climate that graces the Bay area and I'm happy to report it was not as hot in Tahoe (pushing 90 degrees) as Las Vegas, Nevada. The lake was so refreshingly cool though it didn't matter in the least and the fireworks over the lake on the 4th were the best we'd ever seen!

As for your question on Greatest Movies...

I've been a sucker for Gone With the Wind since I was a 13-year-old girl in love with Clark Gable. The other nine in no particular order:

Last of the Mohicans (with Daniel Day Lewis, "I WILL find you...)

Pride and Prejudice (with Laurence Olivier -- another old crush!)

Sweet Magnolias (total tear-jerker and Olympia Dukakis' line is one I use all the time: "the only thing that separates from apes, my dear, is our abilty to accessorize!")

To Kill a Mockingbird (loved Scout to bits)

The Dish (just because I love Australian films)

Before Sunrise and the sequel Before Sunset (with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy -- honest romantic dialogue)

I'm with you on Monty Python and the Holy Grail and M*A*S*H

And as for a Western, I'll go with Dances With Wolves -- my Indian name is "Fears No Bear" ... as a result of a very close encounter while camping in the California wilderness -- yes, the wilderness does still exist in most this state!

lady macleod said...

mama zen

I LOVE foot massages best of all.

Life of Brian is right up there I agree.

thank you for coming by.


I shall take you up on that glass of wine my friend.

Oh San Francisco is one of my favorite cities in the world. I remember the first time I saw Lake Tahoe - we drove up that hill and the road breaks just as you hit the decent and there it is, spread out at your feet like a brilliant jewel. A great place for a holiday. I'm pleased you had such fun.

clark gable (sigh)

"I WILL find you.." watched it over and over

To Kill a Mockingbird: totally!

great list.

thank you for coming by.

I Beatrice said...

The "THIS is is a knife!" bit from Crocodile Dundee was my favourite bit too Lady M. Wanted to mention it in my comment, but thought it would have been long (my besetting sin).

I also love 'Lion in Winter' - the relationship between that old pair was exquisitely done, and O'toole and Hpeburn were of course superb.

Ny favourite Mr Darcy though, is funnily enough not Colin Firth, whom I always thought a bit of a sap, and on the pretty side... My own favourite would have to be the most recent one I think - Matthew McFadden from 'Spooks' (Oooo-h, I do love Spooks!)

I Beatrice said...

Oh goodie - I've caught you before you've moved on to something else!

Because there was just one more memorable line from a memorable film (oh lordy! a helicopter has just flown so low over my little garden writing hut that I thought it was going to clip my roof! Now WHO ON EARTH WAS THAT?).......

Anyway, as I was saying....... there's just one more movie line I'd like t share with you. It comes from Robery Bolt's marvellous script for the film "A Man for all Seasons" - the story of Sir Thomas More, with Paul Schofield (?sp).

Sir Thomas is on trial for his life, and the final nail in his coffin comes from his former pupil, Richard Rich, an ambitious young man who has betrayed him in the interests of personal promotion - viz, the Chancellorship of Wales....

Sir Thomas looks at him very hard and says this: "I've heard of men selling their souls for the whole
world Richard - but for WALES...?"

Never was such a world of weariness and scorn put into a single word as in Sir Thomas's long-drawn-out WALES...

(Sorry Welsh people everywhere! I love you and your country dearly, and heaven knows no country can be thought negligible that can produce Richard Burton and Anthony Hopkins AND the two Joneses, Tom and Catherine Zeta. And that's without even mentioning Dylan Thomas or the lovely Katherine Kenkins!

But you have to admit it's a pretty terrific line!)

Perhaps you should extend this discussion to a quest for the most memorable lines from films Lady M?
Just a thought. (And now I really WILL shut up!)

lady macleod said...

i beatrice

we can agree to disagree on Mr. Darcy..

great line from A Man for All Seasons! You must share that with Sicily Scene.

Brillig said...

I love LOVE that Young Frankenstein is on your list. It would certainly be on mine too. From your movie list, you are clearly a very well-rounded person!!

Liz said...

Dead Poets' Society and Moulin Rouge.

Head massage: oh bliss! Is there anything more heavenly? That can be done in public that is? Actually now I come to think of it ...

I read your next post first and was confused about the bed-table so I'm glad you've explained it here!

Liz said...

Oh, yes, and singing in the rain.

The kife bit is my favourite bit from Crocodile Dundee too.

I don't think I ever saw Man for All Seasons and I'm not going to look for it now after that comment!!

mutterings and meanderings said...

No, no, no - I am wiggling my finger Amy Winehouse fashion ... the definitive Henry V is Laurence Oliver's... helped me to Grade A English A-level (cos I had rather a crush on ole Larry) ..

Jen said...

It gets terribly hot where I live. I ordered something called a Chillow that I keep in the fridge and bring out in the heat of the day. Excellent!. Worth the shipping and duty charges.

You might be able to find a carpenter to make your table more easily than you can purchase one. At least that is the case here on Dominica.