Saturday, 14 July 2007

a rearranged day

For some reason I always think serial killers should be more attractive. I mean really look at this chap, would you be lured by him? Anywhere?

What a day, what a day. On Wednesday I got up, wrote the blog, readied for the gym and then there was a kitten emergency! Put the gym off (sigh), picked up the laundry, as we had to wait until three for an appointment with the vet. I am happy beyond normal reason to report the Press is very good. Everything is cleaned, folded, and smells divine. So we are set.

I stopped for a café and water after stepping into the stationary store for Faber Castell pencils and a notebook. I completed the character of the Reverend Harland Bishop (we don’t like him) for “Three for Matilda”. On the way home I saw and purchased the Osama train!! I was so pleased they had one left. Now I must look for one for Colin Campbell, reinforcing my belief it is westerners fueling this particular market – although… they are made in CHINA. What a tangled web…

Returning home Q had M.C. in his basket and we were off to Souissi to the vet. The vet is quite lovely and competent. Q is reassured that she went to veterinary school in the U.S. She has taken on a new assistant, a young woman of thirteen or so I would say which pleases Q no end. The swollen red eye was nothing deadly (whew) just some type of conjunctivitis that will require eye drops (fun and joy for Q).

Going into the vet we asked the cab driver to wait, as we did not want to be stranded in the very hot sun with an ill kitty. He agreed to wait, and we didn’t pay him his 30 dirhams to insure his presence. After the appointment, which was very quick, we went to the café on the corner where he said he would wait. Outside the café was a LINE of taxis with the drivers out sitting under the shade. They were ready to load us up when we said, “No we have a driver waiting for us. He is in the café.’ But he was neither in the café nor anywhere around it. We lost the cab driver, oops. We waited a few minutes but the whole point was NOT to wait. We counted on the fact our appearance is odd enough to remember and that the other drivers would inform the lost chap that we did indeed look for him. My thinking is that he buggered off to try and get another fare in while waiting. I am sorry he missed his fare but we could think of nothing to do.

We arrived home and put the kitten to bed, off to the apothecary and a bit of shopping for sunscreen and moisturizer (of which you can not have too many). Then to a new café recommended by E. for brilliant chicken sandwich, Oul Mes, and café au lait for 51 dirhams! Kudos to E. We left with olive and cheese bread from the bakery that proved to be delicious. The café HAS an air conditioner, but the Moroccans do not find it sufficiently warm at 36 degrees C to turn it on. Ai!

Back home to unpack clean and sweet smelling laundry and literally squeeze out our skin and hair, all clothes to the washer bucket and sitting in front of the fan at last. To find out the Security Service has issued a “Maximum” threat level for terrorists’ attacks in Morocco. Oh goody.

Q and K. had a fun trip to Tangiers last weekend. I had a nice moment when the hotelier told Q, “A woman called you. She spoke very good Spanish.” Made my day as I am constantly speaking very poor Moroccan and French.

The guide was going past with the tourists the other day when Q was sitting on the stoop letting M.C. have a look around, “And here is the American,” he said. Really every neighborhood should have one. Soon I expect we shall be on the ‘must see’ list for all the tour groups.

The neighborhood ‘new baby’ lives on our block, and we have seen her taken about the neighborhood and the hannuts and handed off for kissing on a daily basis (most especially by the men which I find endearing) since we arrived, it is apparently some sort of delightful ritual. Today, I was kissed by the baby! I now feel accepted in the Oudayas.

I went to the Mega Mall after working out on Thursday. I admit it, I am a woos – I went for the a/c. but I countered this selfish and energy guzzling behavior by walking the entire structure and shopping in order to support the local economy. The dress code is much more ‘loose’ at the Mega Mall, I saw a young woman in a pair of short shorts and little t-strap top (she looked fabulous, so that was good), as well as jeans, tee-shirts, sun dresses – the normal mall wear you see everywhere, with a djellaba and hijab thrown in here and there to remind you where you are. It is still amazing how the site of legs and shoulders is so shocking here. Not the low cut blouse, dress, or even djellaba, they abound.

I have discovered more of the anomalies of shopping in Morocco. The trousers are all three or more inches longer than you will find in Europe, Britain, or the U.S. I am 5’10” tall, and I find really expensive trousers are just long enough, and more moderately priced trousers have to be let out, or worn with flats. Every pair of trousers I tried on today (with the new very orange sandals) pooled on the floor. It is because to a woman they all wear those stiletto heels with everything – djellaba to jeans.

I met a lovely young woman from Canada in Antonelle (where I left my white lace fan, sigh). She is here for three weeks visiting her family. “It is so nice to hear an English accent,” she said. I need to get myself to the Highlands for some debriefing on the accent – too many years away.

Speaking of politicians, beware I say, this could be you. I’m sorry I know this is not funny, but I am laughing. You do a bad job in your political appointment in China and they kill you, now in the West we… don’t. Whereas in Iran, it is the civilians who are being executed by stoning and hanging for “morals violation”. I really can’t see either of these policies as a solution to the world population increases, but it might work for political corruption.

And here lies intolerance – as a Hindu clergyman was leading the prayer in the American Senate chamber (well done U.S.Senate!), protesters shouted from the gallery saying it was an “abomination”. They were quoted as saying they were Christians and patriots.

On that note I am off to the gym just in case a handsome serial killer shows up I will be in shape to fight him off, then we are going to Paul’s for lunch, people watching, and work on the story. There has been a request (thank you jmb) for another “John story”. Trust me they are as much fun for me to write as they apparently are for you to read, however at present I am taking three online courses, writing the blog, and writing an ending for “Three for Matilda”, then comes the editing for a 3 August deadline. I will have some more after mid-August. I have to polish up my work and have enough work to present to the agents and publishers in Canada in October. My goal is to leave there with an agent. “John” fans just hold on, it’s coming.


Sarah said...

glad your cat is okay, i have a pup in the doggy hospital.

Mama Zen said...

Eeeek! That guy must have definitely been of the stealth variety. Movies have spoiled me; I expect my serial killers to be good-looking and charming!

KarenO said...

If you get conned and killed by someone who looks like that: in my opinion you were looking for trouble! It doesn't make right what he did, but goodness me his face has "I'm dangerous" written all over it.

About all the death penalties for accepting bribes/gifts and adultery: it just makes me feel exasperated. In my country you go free after killing people at point-blank range if you can find someone in the police office to let your dossier disappear. (Please don't miss my sarcasm there!)

PS: Reported back on my blog! ;)

Annie said...

I'd be in the malls for the a/c, too - there's nothing worse than melting away in the heat.

lady macleod said...


thank you. oh dear, best wishes to the pup.

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...

mama zen

really! I mean if one is going to maim and murder the least one can do is to put yourself out to be charming and well groomed! Take a page from Sir Anthony Hopkins

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


I really don't like corruption except when it acts in my favor (the customs agent who thinks I'm cute).

You did an excellent job with your homework! Well done indeed. Now shoulders back, swing your head just so and flip your hair back.. there you go!

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


oh so much agreement.

thank you for coming by.

mutterings and meanderings said...

You really do live in a cafe society, Lady M!

jmb said...

There always seems to be something interesting going on in your life! I'm glad Kitty is fine.
I think if I were you I would always hang out in the Mall. After all they are running the AC whether you are there or not so why not enjoy it.
That's what we did in Palm Springs once when it was 115 degrees Fahrenheit.
Lovely post as usual, well except for the execution reminders which are sobering for one who is against the death penalty.

lady macleod said...


indeed! thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


If you and I keep agreeing like this we shall have to be friends! I too am against the death penalty. I wrote a paper on it once and aside from any moral issues it does not work as a deterrent. With the appeals process it cost a fortune, better to lock them up and never let them out - except for that once in a while when we MAKE AN ERROR, then they are still alive to let free.

I think you're advice on the mall is valid. Whoa 115 degrees I would be setting up shop!

thank you for coming by.

Rebecca said...

I remember hanging out in Mcdonalds for the aircon when I lived in Indonesia.

and that serial killer looks particularly sinister...who is he?

debio said...

It is always a good principle to follow one's intuition - so, if someone looks odd or merely just 'gives one the creeps', behave accordingly.

Children and animals particularly good at this, I find...

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Just catching up. Do you remember Ted Bundy? Now there was a good-looking serial killer. He was loose in Florida when I was at the University of Florida. What he did to the girls he killed can't even be mentioned, it was so horrible.

lady macleod said...


He is a truck driver, follow the link for details *shiver(

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


That is so true. Which is why I really object to "enforced" affection with children. You know, "Kiss you Aunt Maddie." "Now hug grand mere." I think that should be their choice. (one of my soap box topics)

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


I remember reading something about it but it was much later. I wasn't in America then. I do remember it was gruesome, especially his lack of remorse.

thank you for coming by.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

So glad kitten is Ok - I was worried there! Another great post: yes, if you're going to be conned, choose better than that! [Believe me, I know!] They sound like the Sicilians with their attitude to aircond there.