Tuesday, 11 September 2007

A bicycle and a donkey

I don’t watch television. It either makes me angry (the news) or it’s mind numbingly stupid (almost any sitcom), with the exceptions of PBS, and the BBC historical series – but that’s just me. Having said that, I will say that every time I am at Q’s grandparents’ (who have a television in almost every room) I watch it like mad to see if I have missed anything. I do however watch movies, Sci-fi series, and DEADWOOD, but all on DVD. When I work I like noise, either the noise of a restaurant (my office in the New City), or of people at the mall (my office in Souissi), but I can’t listen to music because I pay attention – the same reason I can’t play my operas when I work. But the sounds of movies is just right for white noise, of course I have to watch them at least once, but then I can play them over and over without distraction. I find ‘blow ‘em up movies especially useful for this purpose. All this to say I bought a DVD machine and monitor to give my Apple a rest from DVD duty. The monitor is fine but the remote for the DVD doesn’t work, which is more than a problem of having to get up to turn it on and off, as all the bloody controls (like language, duh) are controlled by the remote.

On Sunday I purchased one of the universal remotes at a little shop on Digital Alley in the Medina, thinking that might work, but no joy. Yesterday I took it back to the shop with the broken one to show the chap in the shop what I need. “Oh just bring in the machine and I will see what is wrong and what you need,” he said.
“Brilliant,” says I and started on my merry way home. I stopped in the fruit market for peaches, bananas, and apples. I was strolling/skipping/bouncing along the Medina enjoying the lovely day, watching the people, and looking in the shop windows. I saw the youngster coming toward me on the bicycle but as the Medina was not so crowded I was not concerned. I did move to the side to give him room. The street is quite large you see, like the width of a wide road. The bicycle was headed to the right, so I went left. The youngster hit a bump, and the bicycle took a burst of speed to the left. I could tell he had lost control by the startled look on his face, but it was too late for me to move further away. The bicycle crashed into my left arm and the handlebars took my hand around my back. The young man regained control of his vehicle, put his feet on the ground to steady himself and looking like he feared the wrath of Kali, began to apologize profusely. What could I do? You can’t berate the child. He didn’t mean to run into me, so I had to “ouch” in private after reassuring him I was fine and had no intention of doing whatever horrible thing to him that he was imagining.

I continued on my way, holding and assessing my now reddened wrist, which I knew, would turn to the lovely blue and black it is today, when a frantic donkey came out of the alley to my right side at a run. I must say this is the first time since coming to Morocco I have seen one of the little fellows run, but run he did, and right into me. Down I went, still holding my injured wrist, with a yelp.

Following the donkey out of the alley, at a dead run, was another youngster who after catching hold of the donkey’s bridle, came running over to help me up. Now he was apologizing. Such a morning so far. He then suggested that he give me a ride to the Oudayas on the donkey! I said “No,” envisioning the jarring ride, legs dragging the ground, in inappropriate dress. I would have much preferred walking but he was so serious, and when I accepted he was inordinately pleased with himself as I seemed unable to explain to him the injury to my wrist was not the fault of the donkey. I felt quite out of time bouncing along on the donkey on the cobbled street like some Berber tribeswoman coming to town to shop. Fortunately it was still early (for Morocco) and not many people were about. I had him let me off at the entrance to the Medina, as I did not fancy riding the donkey across the highway. It was totally worth the slightly bruised bum I have today to see his beaming face when I thanked him for the lift.

Today I am taking the DVD machine for examination. I am going to stay close to the buildings keeping a good watch for errant bicycles and frazzled donkeys.



Annie said...

I trust that you are not seriously injured, and so I can tell you that my daughter is currently calling across the room 'what are you laughing at mommy?' I did have a little chuckle at your expense!

What a day!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

I think one of us needs to come over there and look after you. If it isn't a migraine, it's a bicycle injury (and you not even riding) or a donkey collision! And you've forgotten all about telling us about the bank and your missing card and cash. What are you like, Lady M?

lady macleod said...


laugh away, I did. What a hoot.

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


Oh my goodness you are right! I forgot all about the bank story. Tomorrow then.

I do tend to the mishaps, but I'm not bored eh? Q says I am quite brilliant but have no walking around sense. I'm not quite sure, but I think there's a compliment and an injury there..

thank you for coming by.

sally in norfolk said...

for that to happen is bad enough but both on the same day is hilarious .... glad your ok though and no broken bones

lady macleod said...


the day did seem to have a 'theme'!

thank you for coming by.

jmb said...

Lady Mac, you definitely have a black cloud following you! But as Annie said, we can't help laughing at the pictures you paint with your words.
I don't watch the news on TV either. I prefer it more removed than the in your face style of today.
Glad you are not too "seriously" injured by the shenanigans.

@themill said...

Well being run over by a donkey is oneupmanship on tripping over a bloody dog lead! Hope the bruising is getting better. It took my face about 3 weeks to return to some sort of normality.
Great post.

Stay at home dad said...

Enjoyed the story, even if you didn't. I was going to suggest looking at the battery situation, but sounds like you've got a serious infra-red issue there...

jenny said...

Oh poor Lady M!! But what a tale to tell the grandchildren!! "Your grandma was once run down by a donkey!"

I don't like to watch TV either, too much negativity or commercials hawking more stuff at you. I prefer movies on DVDs. I am trying to convince Hubby to get rid of the satelite TV, but with no luck so far. We are one of the rare families with only 1 TV and a normal sized one, not one of those huge big-screened deals that take up a whole wall!

I hope you feel better today, and your wrist and bum aren't sore anymore.

I Beatrice said...

I'd take a cab this time, if I were you! But it does make for very entertaining reading - two donkey incidents and a bicycle, all in the one day! You couldn't make it up, could you?

I'm so glad you weren't seriously hurt though.

Anonymous said...

You do realise the whole thing has been filmed for a new series of 'Beadles About' don't you?

Don't want to be silly - but did you check the batteries on the remote?

lady macleod said...


Do you see me raising one eyebrow and giving you my "how stupid do you think women are?" look? Hmm? You poop, yes I checked the batteries; and I will admit under some circumstances it is a valid question:-)

Filmed eh? How was my hair?

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...

i beatrice

A taxi sounds a good idea! Oh trust me love, if I were to make it up, I would come across as much more graceful!

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


I like your title for the tale!

Isn't that amazing to say that you are unusual to ONLY have one tv? But very true I think. When we were in America I kept one, but I kept it in the closet:-)

Not sore today, just discolored!

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...

stay at home dad

I rather like the story now that it is over. I fear you are correct in that it is the "infra-red issue" as I checked every thing else (sigh). If they can't repair it I suppose I shall have to attempt to return it (something like Rome trying to cross Hadrian's wall), or get another.

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


Tripping over the dog lead sounds no fun either, but at least I got a free ride out of it. Oh my your face? I tell you, that sounds much worse than a bruised wrist! You win!

Keep your balance, and thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


Perhaps not a black cloud, but a protective spirit - it could always be worse. I am very pleased it made you laugh, me as well now that it's over.

thank you for coming by.

debio said...

So pleased it was merely a bicycle and a donkey, Lady M - were it to have been a camel you might have been expected to carry that home!

I joke, of course. Hope injuries not too painful; makes me feel better for having a smile at your expense....

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

What a day!I can understand your frustration with the remote. I have to have noise to work, too! you were very kind to the boy on the bike and I am just visualising you on the donkey ride! Hope the wrist isn't too sore, dear Lady M.