Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Lucky Day indeed!

After another killer workout (I don’t know, sometimes I just get on a tear) I stripped down for the hamman thinking if it’s as good as last time that will be great. After this experience I have decided that when next someone ask me, “Why are you staying in Morocco,” the answer, “The hamman,” will suffice! Samira led me inside to the salon at the end of the hallway, so thick with steam I could not see the other walls and filled the wooden pail with warm water, then dumped it over my head and lathered me down with the black, thick, granular substance they use for soap. I sat in the steam, pores opening, and almost nodded off until Samira returned to take me inside to the marble tables. After a scrub down that would remove even the thought of dirt, dead skin cells, or residue from perspiration, she hosed me down. There was some stooping involved as I stood some six inches taller. Then came the oiling down and a massage that made my sore muscles cry out in ecstasy and made me think, “I am not paying enough for this.” She then lathered me up with a mint smelling something and massaged again – there was an action included that involved pulling me around the thin mattress now covering the marble table and left me, and consequently Samira and the other ladies nearby in giggles. I felt like a piece of dough being rolled about an oiled pastry board. One of my most favorite things about the hamman is the continuing onslaught of wonderful smells. Next came the almond paste facemask and a final oiling down, and the cold spray at the end. “Ce bon?” Yeahsureyoubetcha’!! Samira then wrapped me in a fluffy white robe and led me to the resting salon where I lay down on the couch to revel in my state of relaxation. She then ask to bring me my clothes to help me dress, as the lady in the next bed was having done. On that one I decline, too much of control person am I. Afterward I felt righteously clean, and I wonder how it is that no one in the West has thought to commercialize this? I mean you could easily sell this kind of indulgence to the upper crust ladies of New York, Paris, Boston, and London. Come on you entrepreneurs out there, get on it as I don’t think I can leave Morocco until I am assured of the hamman somewhere else.

Afterwards I headed for the Marjane of Souissi and ran into a traffic jam? A short-lived traffic jam true, and handled by the Moroccan methodology of simply driving on the shoulder of the freeway around it! I decided to give in to convenience when I saw that the local stores were stocked up with desks. I assume for the upcoming school year. My bum is becoming sore from the chair in the house and I have to have a desk at the proper height. I spend the majority of my day here, so… I entered the Kitea and to my right was a forest of desk of all shapes and sizes, as well as chairs. I spent the next half-hour sitting, moving, and air-typing until I found the perfect height, space, and back and bum support. Huzzah!

The fresh faced, handsome Karim was a good piece beyond helpful. “Do you deliver?”

“Of course Madam.”

“And what is your delivery cost?”

“It is not, it is free – unless you are in a hurry.”

“Excellent. What about assembling the desk and chair? Does it require that? Does it arrive put together or …?”

“Madam do not even think about it. We will deliver, and place it, and do whatever is required.” How much do you love hearing that? “And this is for you,” he said handing me a black-wire, perfect size for the bedroom CD holder.

“Thank you! That’s lovely isn’t it.”

“You are having a lucky day,” says Karim smiling.

“Indeed I am, you have no idea.” He then gave me the delivery time – to the hour – my receipt, and the lovely man waiting in line reminded me when I almost walked off without my gym bag.

A quick turn through Marjane garnered a delicious chicken pastilla for dinner and some great fruit. I don’t know how those people cook, serve, and are around that food all day! It was torture for me just rolling through. I have to just not think about it until sunset. There are some honey sweet apples in season just now, sort of a red striped color.

I’m off, I have homework to do.



Kaycie said...

I have probably said this before, but I really must travel to Morocco now just for the pampering. Sounds like the perfect desk solution, too. Good for you!

Ellee Seymour said...

How I would love a massage like that, I can't imagine what it feels like when your muscles cry out in ecstacy.

And to finish the day with such wonderful food too, more delicious aromas. Absolutely fab.

Brillig said...

Oh, wow. A lucky day indeed! The massage sounds breathtaking, of course, but the experience buying the desk and chair? SO great!!!

jmb said...

What a great day you had. So much accomplished. Such wonderful service with the desk and probably reasonable too.
Sorry but the link to the hamman does not work. Too bad, so sad. But then you explained it all anyway.

Omega Mum said...

Another wonderful trip through the senses. Thanks.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

I think I'm moving to Morocco.

nutmeg said...

Can I be you? Except for the hosing down part - that's creepy!

Sparx said...

OMG, I'm coming out. That sounds heavenly. I've been to Tunisia a couple of times and the first time I managed by dint of begging at the hotel desk to find a local hammam not done up for the tourists and I really thought I had found heaven - and they do manhandle one dreadfully. I particularly liked the old metal bucket full of near boiling water that we all had our feet stuck in and the tin cans with handles for pouring water - the hammam was full of chubby older women all having their hair hennaed and gossiping. The second time there was only the resort hammam which was a pale comparison. I thought at the time that setting up a proper hammam in the city would be a brilliant idea - come for 45 minutes of steam and scrubbing followed by 15 minutes of oiling and a quick blow-dry to be back in the office. I reckon it'd clean up (boom boom!). Here in London we settle for the P*******ter spa... I can't begin to type it's full name in case it gets too busy but a scrub down on the marble tables in this old 1920s spa is as close to heaven as I can find here.

And - a delivery window of only an hour for a desk? Why can we not do this here in the 'developed' countries?? My dear friend and colleague will not be in the office on my only day in next week because dear old British Gas are coming to repair her stove 'between 8am and 6pm'.

It's perfectly clear why you are staying after Q's departure... to make us all seethingly jealous, among other things!

Ellee Seymour said...

We are all envying your massage. Good to keep up with your news on twitter.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Wow! That sounds like a wonderful massage and facial. I like the dough analogy and was also interested to read about the almond face mask, as almond oil is used here much in the same way that we use teatree oil in Britain - a cure-all. I don't know how they can be around food all day when they're fasting, either. I did the Ramadan fast once, when I was staying with a Muslim friend in London. I'm not sure I'd get through it these days!

Ian Lidster said...

You are having such an enchanting and adventurous life, Lady M. I don't go around envying people, but with you I would make something of an exception

lady macleod said...


Yes you must! Come right ahead, now until June 2008 is the best time of year.

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


It was brilliant. You have to try it.

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


Indeed it was, I love it when life works out like that don't you?

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


I must find a better link for the hamman.

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...

omega mum

You are most welcome, and thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


Come right on! What a fun neighbor you will be.

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


No, the hosing down is fine but for the water in your mouth:-)

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


Wow that sounds quite the experience you had! I'm telling you, you should think of opening a hamman! You would (excuse me) clean up.

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


It is not so easy to make it through the day, but it really helps when the entire country is doing it I must say.

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


That's all right, I'll envy your wife for having such a witty and delightful husband shall I?

thank you for coming by.

Dr. James P. Holdren said...

You're inflaming my passions, m'lady.

KarenO said...

Then you'll just have to move to South Africa. :) The spa-business is booming here, and I know of a special place just north of Pretoria that have something very similar to the hamman.

lovebloggers said...

Hey i was looking for blogs and i found yours coincidintly.I swear god if i had too much money i would not think to leave is paradise on earth.Anyway, enjoy your days in Morocco.Very nice day the way, iam jealous of you lol.

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

That is a very lucky day. I enjoyed just reading about it.