Thursday, 3 January 2008

wind in the kasbah...

As Q said to me one day, “When it comes to writing, some days one good sentence is all you can ask for.” Today may well be one of those days..

That old saying, “blew into town” was certainly true for me today. The wind was blowing billy ‘ups all over the city. The palm trees were bowing toward the palace in submission and the whitecaps were dashing the rocks on the beach like a March day in Wick! The rain and wind have almost closed down the Medina, as I made a run out to the bank and picked up some dates and bread I saw a few hardy souls with open hannouts but most were covering with plastic or taking in the verandas.

*here's an interesting note - I googled for the home site for Wick, and it won't let me in because it's too busy? Who's headed for the North Sea this time of year?

I am trying to find some organizing-type software for my manuscripts. As I have more than one going at a time, and I want to submit some articles as well, I need some cyber folders and a cyber cabinet to keep them in. The time it takes to find a program is not so much, but figuring them out! I have been playing with Curio all morning. I like the different goodies, but I can’t find them after! I filled out one of the projects with notes for my conversations and then – poof! Gone! I spent an hour trying to find the bloody thing. I am now trying Tinderbox. I have read about one other with cyber note-cards that I may try later. I need to settle on one so that I’m not retrieving pages from all over before the trial runs disappear! ‘Vat a day!

What about the mess in Pakistan eh? Did you read that the government is calling in Scotland Yard? Let’s hope they don’t get anyone of the unfortunate caliber of the Inspectors of Sherlock Holmes fame. On the other hand could the waters get anymore murky?

My Africa is on fire again – Kenya. Are there enough tears to shed for this continent?

On a cheery note I’m all snug and warm now with a fresh pot of tea and I’m off to the land of cyber shopping and playing with cyber toys…. If I’m not out in a few days, send someone in after me will you?



Kaycie said...

Glad you're all snug and warm. I have to say, I never thought I'd see the day you would want to get in out of the weather there for warmth!

jmb said...

The strife is never ending. It's like a global fire that one gets under control in one part only to burst into flames in another part.

Good luck with you search for the perfect software. So time wasting it all is. Decisions, decisions!

Annie said...

Stay dry!

Pakistan and Kenya break my heart - I have been wondering about our blogging friend in Nairobi, too.

Omega Mum said...

I'm amazed you can 'call in' Scotland Yard these days. They certainly don't turn out for crime in the UK much. Inspector Lestrade on his way, I'm sure. Good luck with new software-

KarenO said...

"Are there enough tears to shed for this continent?" You said it perfectly. Felt like Pakistan was in Africa too the past week, it's just unbelievable. :(

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Wise Q. I could shed tears for the world too, Lady M.