Monday, 4 February 2008


4 February 2008
And even more difficulty than expected!

2 February 2008
I tried to post yesterday but apparently it is not just the Oudayas where the Internet is dodgy at present. The nice chap at the neighbouring table said it had been this way all week. So..

1 February 2008

Lovely readers,

Forgive my absence. I have spent the past week in one of the lower hells of Migraine Oblivion – not a place I should care to take any of you, and one that would give Dante new insight into pain and despair. A place of no reality but the now, and no colors but black. A place where your time is up only by decree of some unknown power, and one to which you have no means to supplicate for release. Yes well, enough of that…

So how’s the world? I have been “in the black” and have no idea of what has transpired. Today I am up-again and have taken myself over to the Mega Mall to see my little part of the world and have (you will love this) some excellent Japanese food for lunch. Yes, sports fans you heard it here first. From the woman who brought you Curling in Morocco – excellent Japanese cuisine in Rabat/Agdal. I love it. Gods, Dulwich mum should be here, everything posh is on sale! Horrors of horrors, I don’t NEED anything. I hate when that happens.

It is February and in four months I shall be someone’s mother-in-law! This is not a role I have ever spent any time envisioning for myself I must say. He is a lucky bugger – I mean really, he gets not only my brilliant and beautiful daughter who cooks like a Cordon Bleu chef, but moi for a mother-in-law! How easy is that? He he he….

Q, bless her, is running quite mad with wedding plans. She and her grandmother have it all well in hand, and I await my orders. My child and I learned a valuable lesson when she was ten-years-old. She had a project to prepare for school, and I of course wanted to “help”. Now know this, we two are beyond fortunate in that we get on so well (it does take some planning). On that occasion her personality and independence of spirit, as well as intellect, asserted itself and the battle royal ensued. And I, of course, could not understand why she was upset – I was helping (which means of course, I was doing it all). After some serious tears, recriminations, and pacing – we came to the undeniable conclusion that in some very basic ways we are more alike than we ever knew, and if we wanted to continue our loving and mutually beneficial relationship we should NEVER again have me “assist” her with any project. Answer questions? Yes. Supply materials, yes? Comment on results? Absolutely. Contribute ideas? Certainly. Hands on? NO! And we live happily ever after. All to say, I decided while she planned HER wedding it was best I was on another continent and supplied cash. I shall buy my outfit in Paris, have my hair and nails done, wear my Paris-shoes, a brilliant hat, and attend, be gracious (yes, even to those – you know who they are- that I don’t like), and I have no doubt, shed tears into my Venetian lace handkerchief.

I love this month; it always seems a good time just by its quirks for something magical to happen. So good luck with that lovely readers.


Ian Lidster said...

So happy you're back. I missed you.

Kaycie said...

I have to admit to missing you a bit myself. Had quite a chuckle over your comment on my blog this morning.

Rositta said...

Funny thing, the way it is with your daughter is the same way I have to be with my son. I think that some kids have more of an independent streak than others. Sounds like you will have a good time...ciao

leslie said...

So sorry about your migraine! My daughter #2 suffers and has to take regular meds to ward them off. And Japanese food in Morocco? The first time I had Japanese food was in a little Mexican-named town in California (Tehachapi). Kind of ironic eh? (oops my Canajun is showing) lol

jmb said...

Welcome back my dear, I'm glad you getting on top of things, both internet and healthwise.

Well my normally very independent daughter left me to organize her wedding and she flew in, along with the groom, three days before.

She did bring the dress but everything else was left to me. Including the enormous bill. Plus arranging accommodation for the Italians who came for the wedding.

We had no idea what the maid of honour would be wearing as she was across the country and choose her own outfit. However it all worked out in the long run.

Just be careful not to outshine the bride with your Paris outfit and shoes and hat. You must be getting really excited.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Glad you're better. Do you have anyone to look after you when you get these? I'm sure that apart from the bride, you will be the most stunning woman at the wedding.

debio said...

Hope you're now fully recovered.

Strangely husband and I were only discussing our daughter's independence this morning - I have, through experience, learnt to take a back seat with the 'hands-on' bit - he has yet to catch up.

We have concluded, however, that independence is a 'good' thing and should not be curbed, but channelled. Don't we just have this parenting thing down to a fine art?!

lady macleod said...

I can't think of anyone I would rather be missed by, you smooth talker you.
Thank you for coming by.

I love to be missed! I feel all warm and fuzzy now.
Thank you for coming by.

The independence is rough on our parenting want-to-help, but good for them, eh?
Thank you for coming by.

You show your Cajun all you like around here. One of my greatest joys is that a dear friend showed me New Orleans (the way it should be experienced) before the tragedy of Katrina. One of my best memories that trip.
Thank you for coming by.

Now your daughter sounds more like me! That is pretty much what I did to my huge fancy wedding in Notre Dame. I figured my job was to show up and look good. There will be no outshining the bride in May - you can't buy that glow the bride gets! I am excited, but also some perplexed as to how to play my upcoming role - I know it is corny, but as long as she's happy, I'm happy. (I know you know that tune!)
Thank you for coming by.

No, since Q went to America there is no one; but in some ways that is better - then I have no guilt at holding someone else up as I lay there and groan and wait for it to be over - really quite boring.
Thank you for coming by. Now THAT, I would like, "..the most stunning...the bride."
Thank you for coming by.

Call Parents Magazine right now, and volunteer your expertise! It's a journey isn't it? The independent ones are more difficult I think, but turn out so well!
Thank you for coming by.