Wednesday, 6 February 2008

feel free to applaud..

5 February 2008

How nice to return from an unpleasant journey to the prospect of reward! Dear Ian and Debio have bestowed upon my own self the Excellent Blog Award. How grand is that? Thank you both for thinking so well of me. I appreciate the gesture. As an official approval junkie, I can never have too many awards and you can never give me one too many times.

Today, after a month of “it is coming”, my Barbie Washing Machine arrived. It is very cute, but I am somewhat concerned as to the plumbing accoutrements as both the “technician” and Abdul kept repeating, “No problem,” and smiling. Now any of you who have spent time in India know that is the phrase that strikes fear into the heart. I am at present putting through a load downstairs, and carefully monitoring sounds… Should I mention that all the instructions are in French? Yes, I know I never read the instruction manual of anything – unless and until there is a problem – but I’m just saying… Ah and success! No flooding of the kitchen, no ruined clothing, no pink knickers (a long story of my beginnings in the world of domesticity as an adult), and no electrical fatalities. I call that a win.

6 February 2008

It’s official, that older woman I’ve seen at Abdul Latif’s house is his mother. How do I know this with such certainty you ask? Because this morning on my way out of the Oudayas he stopped me, “You tried the machine? It is working?”

“Yes, it seems to work quite well,” I said.

“But I see you have clothes out. Your clothes on the terrace. It does not finish?” He was referring to the clothes I had put on the line on the terrace this morning to dry while I am off to my office in Soussi. His inference was of course, that the washing machine would also dry the clothes. Keeping a straight face was one of my better examples of self-control. He then spent some time explaining to me that there is a criminal gang on the loose in the neighborhood of the Medina and the Oudayas – young men are apparently whizzing by persons as they walk along, and grabbing the bags and computer cases or whatever right off and then keep going. Having personally observed the feeble speeds of the mopeds in our area (think hair dryers from the sixties or a 1950 vacuum cleaner or Roman Holiday) I feel quite safe but I appreciated the warning as I was rather loaded down this morning with my computer bag and my gym bag.

I’m off to Casablanca at the end of the month – a meeting. I haven’t been there in ages and I’m thinking of staying over a day for a walk about to see what is the same and what has changed. Not my favourite city, so no longer than an extra day I think.



Ian Lidster said...

When you're in Casablanca please say hello to Rick and Ilsa for me if they're still around.
Your admiring friend
'Dear Ian'

Rositta said...

Casablanca, wow...applause...ciao

jmb said...

For one crazy moment I thought Abdul was going to tell you about the gang stealing washing from the washing lines.
Oh, we are going to get pics from Casablanca. Don't forget the eyes of the blog readers, just because you are zipping in and out.
Congratulations on the award, well deserved and given by those who know.

Sparx said...

I'm so sorry you've been so ill and glad that you're back, and better. I'm also embarrassed I haven't stopped in to check up on you. Have a good trip.

Sparx said...

I'm so sorry you've been so ill and glad that you're back, and better. I'm also embarrassed I haven't stopped in to check up on you. Have a good trip.

leslie said...

Some washers have a spin dry function, too. Does yours or do you prefer the sun to dry your clothes? Hopefully, the hoodlums won't swipe any of your undies!

lady macleod said...

Oh to be sure, and if not in the physical universe, always in our heart. *sniff, sniff, sigh*
thank you for coming by.

We'll see....
Thank you for coming by.

I like that, but they would have to climb three stories and climb over several roofs to get to mine - and get by the fearsome black and white "roof cat" who guards my 'six'.
All right, all right - photographs! but you know I am not the photographer you are, I don't like it.
Thank you for coming by.

Thank you love, I do realize that you have something to occupy your time! Hello Spud!
Thank you for coming by.

You sound far more knowledable than I on the subject. Domesticity is not my forte', just ask my daughter! It does spin, but they are not 'dry'. And I love that smell laundry has from hanging on the roof in the sun and wind from the sea.
This is Morocco, I NEVER hang my knickers outside! (blush and giggle)
Thank you for coming by.