Friday, 21 March 2008

for the world

Please take a moment of your time and flow thoughts of compassion and strength to the Tibetans demonstrating, and fighting for their freedom and the world's attention.

How many Tibetans have died as a result of the Chinese occupation?

The following table was made up by the Bureau of Information of the
Tibetan government-in-exile:


CAUSE OF DEATH U-Tsang Kham Amdo Total
Tortured in prison 93,560 64,877 14,784 173,221
Executed 28,267 32,266 96,225 156,758
Killed in fighting 143,253 240,410 49,042 432,705
Starved to death 131,072 89,916 121,982 342,970
Suicide 3,375 3,952 1,675 9,002
"Struggled" to death 27,951 48,840 15,940 97,731

TOTAL 427,478 480,361 299,648 1,207,387

The number has continued to increase. The Chinese have imported thousands of Hans to breed out the population. China has attempted to usurp the role as head of the Buddhist religion. They built a train to the plateau in order to bring in more people. They have destroyed the ecology of the Tibetan plateau.

Tibetans are the most gentle and loving people you would ever want to meet, with an ancient and beautiful culture.

Can the world really afford to let China destroy Tibet? - in order to have good trade relations? in order to placate the government? Can our collective consciousness survive that betrayal. How much money for the war in Iraq? It's in the trillions now I believe... How about some of that good will for Tibet?

I cannot count the tears that have been shed over the destruction and subjugation of this wonderful country.

If you can, please post on this matter - bring it to the attention of as many people as possible. Your karma will improve - trust me:-)

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Thank you lovely readers, this is very close to my heart.



jams o donnell said...

It makes me so angry to see human rights abuses overlooked in the pursuit of trade and profit. China has gone down a route which gives its people the worst of both worlds: untrammelled captialism mised with political repression.

But I'm deviating into a wider issue. The treatment of teh Tibetans is a stain on the world

darth sardonic said...

and we (the yanks, redneck prejudiced cops of the world) aren't doing dickly shit about it either. i will post on this very soon.

Sparx said...

Hello lovely lady M, have had a nice read through the last few of your weeks... sounds as though you've had such a lovely time, I do so hope you are not making any of it up.

Thank you for highlighting the plight of the Tibetans... although 'plight' seems somehow a weakened word to describe it. China I am certain will want to gloss over her actions as the world begins to focus on the Olympics, it is well to remind ourselves of the truth.

lady macleod said...

jams o donnell
Thank you, well said. And thank you for coming by.

Thank you my friend. Love the adjectives. Thank you for coming by. I MUST get over to see you!!

I don't think my imagination is THAT good...
Thank you for coming by.

Chervil said...

And the Olympics were supposed to make the Chinese more open and accountable... Guess that hasn't worked, it looks more like it is working the other way around.

Yet I doubt very much Western countries will be able/willing to do much about it. It is really difficult to buy something that is not "made in China" these days. In our pursuit for cheap goods we have made ourselves totally dependent on the Chinese.

And the American/British/Australian adventures in Iraq also do not provide a good moral high ground to be telling the Chinese what to do.

Nevertheless, I very much share your concerns and your dismay at what is happening in Tibet.