Thursday, 20 March 2008


The smell, nothing smells like Paris - from the now smoke choked streets (they enforced a smoking ban in restaurants, so now all the Parisians smoke on the go; mostly women I noticed) to the scent of Chanel in the clothing stores. Women with their little dogs and lush fur coats, young women in boots, and boots, and more boots; babies decked out in their prams; and the men (gods bless them) giving "the look" as only the French can do it!

Kir Royals and shopping for SEVEN HOURS. I'm pretty relaxed, albeit with sore feet. Too much fun. I feel like giving the entire city a hug.

I'm such a geek, I know but tomorrow I'm off to the Louvre and we won't see me for at least seven more hours.

Kiss someone, hug someone, make love, have some champagne lovely readers.

Ciao from Paris

...and yes jmb, I was good - I took some photographs. New photographs of the girls and kitties in New York City over to the right.

...AND Happy Id Al-mawlid (the Prophet's birthday)!


leslie said...

I am SO envious! I'd spent 7 hours shopping and 7 hours in the Louvre if I could. One day...*sigh*

lady macleod said...

I love your new avatar. I shall enjoy it for you as well.
Thank you for coming by.

jmb said...

In Paris, you lucky thing. When I go to the Louvre I get there when they open and they throw me out when they close.
Enjoy it for all of us.

Pamela Jeanne said...

Glad you're enjoying yourself! I'll be in Paris myself in two weeks for a mad weekend after some work commitments in Germany. It's been a dozen years since my last visit to the city of Lights. And, this will the first time my man and I will walk the streets together. Can't wait. Cheers...

lady macleod said...

That's it, we have to go together.
Thank you for coming by.

Pamela jeanne
I was just thinking about you this morning (Thursday). Oh ENJOY! It is one of the best places for love! Walk the river, go over to St. Germaine (my old neighborhood) to eat and shop. The flowers were just blooming when I was there.
Thank you for coming by.