Friday, 4 April 2008

My sweet Jude has returned to England. sigh I enjoyed having her stay with me so very much. What a delight she has been. We will hear great things from her in the future, mark my words. An award winning journalist there.

Josh is soon to return from Spain and will be staying with me a month or so. Yes it will be a real hardship to have a young, handsome, smart chap living downstairs. I'm such a self sacrificing woman. (uh huh)

And Sally of Australia arrives Wednesday night for two weeks! I expect to have some great stories for you.

Again I apologize for taking such a long recovery time this go around, but sometimes you just have to give in. I did get the photographs from Paris loaded today, and will post them this weekend.

I continue to be saddened by the daily reports coming from Tibet. But I hold to my belief in the basic goodness of man.



Semaj Mahgih said...

Well good to see you about at least.

jmb said...

Running a hotel is your new avocation I see. I shall have to make a reservation.
Looking forward to the stories of the adventures you have been having, soon I hope. Take care, Lady Mac.

Kaycie said...

I do hope you're feeling much better. Take your time. We'll be here.

aminah said...

should we boycott the OL or not? I say yes.

leslie said...

I'm so glad that migraine went away, but sorry to hear your lovely Jude has left. But you won't be alone for long, it appears. Like jmb, I'd like to make a reservation, too! ;D

Semaj Mahgih said...

Still here and hope all is well with you.

Ian Lidster said...

Such a smile she has. Meanwhile, be well.

lady macleod said...

semaj mahgih
Thank you, and thank you for coming by.

Looks like it! You and your scientist-guy are ALWAYS welcome!
thank you for coming by.

I am, thank you.
Thank you for coming by.

Yes!!! I'm with you on this one.
thank you for coming by.

Come on over!
Thank you for coming by.

I know, isn't she a doll? And such a sweetheart!
thank you, and thank you for coming by.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

You are right - sometimes you jut have to give in and listen to your body. Take care, Lady M.