Saturday, 12 July 2008

back online, ta da!

12 July 2008

Hello, hello all my lovely readers, and thank you to those who have come ‘round to check on me this past month while I was out of touch.
I have not been idle I assure you. I’ve put several thousand more miles on my passport; I now have a married daughter and a new son.
The heat wave, more like a scorch, is over for the present. Rabat is back at the normal 27 to 33 C until August when we get up to 37C. I have to tell you I have become more of a hermit than usual because of the delightful, refreshing, comforting, luscious, brilliant a/c in my little house in the Oudayas.
The cobblestone avenue outside my door is filled with the usual summer tourists. The fencing for the outside digs has been tarted up and there are scaffolds over the inside wall of the Bab Oudaia facing the Rue Jamaa. I will get some photographs for you soon.
The beaches are filled with the usual summer crowds. Whenever I head over to the Medina I see them coming up the sidewalks and across the road carrying their beach umbrellas, food, children, towels, and surfboards. They arrive in various states of dress from the young men sporting only shorts or a bathing suit to the mothers in djellabas escorting children in slacks or dresses. There is a surfeit of young men and a dearth of older ones.
I continue knee deep in the book, the later third at this point (whew). My goal is to have the full first draft finished by the end of summer – any prayers, good wishes, crossed fingers, and rotating prayer wheels will be appreciated. On Monday I’m going to post a couple of excerpts – remember first draft. I would like input, both praise and criticism. One excerpt will be for everyone, and the second will be for everyone but Q and jmb and it is rather – physical. Yes, Mutley I expect you to be first.

It’s lovely to be back and next week I’m going to do some visiting every day until I get around to everyone.



jmb said...

Lady Mac, welcome back. I have been thinking about you and saying to myself I must email you but you know life.....

What do you mean Q and I must not read this excerpt. She is grown up and I am not your daughter nor your mother nor dead, so I will be biting Mutley's back leg in order to be first.

darth sardonic said...

welcome back, lady macleod, and i can't wait for excerpts. physical...? heh heh, hope i get to read it sometime. i am such a perv.

jams o donnell said...

Welcome back!

lady macleod said...


But, but... you SAID you didn't want to read the risque. If you like, go for it! I enjoyed writing it I must say. (he he) Q won't read anything I write that has sex in it. She says I ruined "the Thomas Crown Affair" for her because she thinks I look like that actress.

And uh, I'm sure Mutley would enjoy you biting his back leg! Have a care.

Thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


Thank you, thank you. I'm coming over to see you today. You read, you enjoy! Give me any suggestions you have.

Thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...

jams o donnell

Thank you! and thank you for coming by.