Thursday, 25 June 2009

THis is too funny not to share...

This is from my sister-inlaw: This is a real video from a French documentary about Africa. You won't
understand a word (Not necessarily the case!), but the video is a hoot.

There are trees that grow in Africa which, once a year, produce very juicy
fruits that contain a large percentage of alcohol. Because there is a
shortage of water, as soon as the fruits are ripe, animals come there
to help protect themselves from the heat.


Anonymous said...

That was so funny, Jp was standing behind me and we hooted.
Thank you for posting it.

Broni said...

This takes place in South Africa. The fruit is called Amarula and there is a liquer names after it which is devine.
Video is funny :)

James Higham said...

There has to be some pleasure in life.