Saturday, 18 July 2009

so I was just standing there and...

I don’t have to be a Drama Queen – my life just works out that way! I go to a conference and the airplane breaks thirty miles out from the airport and has to return and they give us another one; the hotel has a fire; I wash my hair and somehow a water main below the hotel breaks. I try to tidy the room and I scrape the skin off my thumb – all right in fairness, when I attempt any domestic chore I injure myself – there is the scar on my finger where I tried to cook a turkey and nearly sliced off my finger, or the time I fell off the kitchen ladder when attempting to retrieve a pot to cook pasta and sprained my ankle, or the time I burned the top of my left breast when frying chicken…. So I learned one needs to be dressed when cooking.

What I’m saying is that I really have no need to go looking for trouble or even excitement or a change-up – it pretty much comes to me.

I have to rest now so that I can pack and return to Texas, that country of heat and sexy husband doctor chaps. Yummy.


Moannie said...

I'm keeping everything crossed that all goes well and you arrive safely.

jmb said...

It seems to me you caused havoc in Surrey when you were here too. Torrential rain, a nearby murder, can't remember what else.

So I just came here and look what happened.

Safe journey.

Iota said...

Be careful with the packing!

That sounds scary, with the plane (has happened to me twice, but not recently, I'm glad to say).

monalisa said...

yikes! what a day.. and to think all i did today was wake up .. have a bowl of cornflakes.. and check the blogs around the world..

try to to stay alive until the end of the day =P

~peace from saudi arabia

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I love that - "You have to be dressed when cooking." Should you encounter any SINGLE sexy doctor chaps, could you point them in the direction of Sicily?

lady macleod said...

Thank you and it worked!
Thank you for coming by.

OMG!!!!!!!! You're right! Crimey I forgot about the murders, and rain, and I think the other was some breakdown of city transportation...oops. So you can count of my visits not to be boring, is that what you are saying - my dear friend? she asked hopefully...
;-) Thank you for coming by.
I would LOVE to come and cause some havoc in Vancouver just about now please!

I shall be careful. Eh, the airplane doesn't worry me, but the crappy landing that pilot made did make my teeth itch a bit I fear.
Thank you for coming by.

That is pretty much one of my goals! To stay alive to the end of each day :-) I appreciate the peace, and the reader from Saudi Arabia.
Thank you for coming by.

Indeed, it took a couple of burns but i have learned it is best to be clothed in the kitchen - at least when hot oil is involved.

SINGLE, hot, smart, kind, well read doctor chap pointed toward Italy - got it! I would wish for you to be as lucky as I have been! I wish it for you with all my heart friend.

Thank you for coming by.