Monday, 14 September 2009


I am thrilled that Clijsters won the U.S. Open! Huzzah and well done!!!!! And really miffed that the NYTimes did not put it on the bloody front page!

Then there's this:
Aceh passes adultery stoning law

Indonesia's province of Aceh has passed a new law making adultery punishable by stoning to death, a member of the province's parliament has said.

The law also imposes severe sentences for rape, homosexuality, alcohol consumption and gambling.

Opponents had tried to delay the law, saying more debate was needed because it imposes capital punishment.

Sharia law was partially introduced in Aceh in 2001, as part of a government offer to pacify separatist rebels.

A peace deal in 2005 ended the 30-year insurgency, and many of the former rebels have now entered Aceh's government, which enjoys a degree of autonomy from the central government in Jakarta.

“ It needs more public consultation. We need to involve the ulemas - the Islamic clerics - in drafting the law ”
Adnan Beuransah, Aceh Party
The legislation was passed unanimously by Aceh's regional legislature, said assembly member Bahrom Rasjid.

"This law will be effective in 30 days with or without the approval of Aceh's governor," he said.

The governor of Aceh, a former rebel with the Free Aceh Movement, is opposed to strict Sharia law. He had urged more debate over the bill.

'Moral degradation'

Married people convicted of adultery can be sentenced to death by stoning. Unmarried people can be sentenced to 100 lashes with a cane.

Previously, Aceh's partially-adopted Sharia law enforced Muslim dress codes and mandatory prayers.

"This law is a preventive measure for Acehnese people so that they will avoid moral degradation," said Moharriyadia, a spokesman for the Prosperous Justice Party.

A new parliament will be sworn in next month, after local polls saw the moderate Aceh Party win the most seats in the provincial assembly.

The Aceh Party has said it will review the law once the new parliament is sitting.

"It needs more public consultation. We need to involve the ulemas - the Islamic clerics - in drafting the law," said Adnan Beuransah, a spokesperson for the Aceh Party.

About 90% of Indonesia's 235 million people are Muslim, practicing a moderate form of the religion.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2009/09/14 14:17:14 GMT
*the Maliki Law School accepts evidence of pregnancy as proof that an unmarried woman has either committed adultery or been raped.

This did, I'm glad to say, make the first page of the BBC online - buts was over to the side in a column. hmmm

Again I say that no women are safe from abuse until all women are safe and have the freedom to live whatever life they choose. The fact that in the year 2009 there are parts of the world where nine-year-old brides are sold to old men, where the slave traffic in children of both sexes is up and running with a huge profit – surpassed only by weapons sales, is atrocious. And it is our responsibility, every single one of us to see that things change for the better.

On an entirely different subject: my weekend with my husband (the conjugal visit) was wonderful. We had such a good time.
There was lots of walking, hand holding, talking, and the really good stuff as well. We didn’t make it to the Botanical Gardens but we walked all over Cherry Creek, and down York and up Josephine streets. Getting ourselves prepped for Paris. I get back to Houston on 5 October; try to survive the heat for five days, then we are off to Paris for a week where we walk constantly.



James Higham said...

Clijsters and Sharia law - good combination, Lady M.

lady macleod said...

I do my best dude.
Thank you for coming by. :-)

sally in norfolk said...

glad you enjoyed the weekend with your husband.... i always love seeing Geoff when he has been away....... one more week to go :-)

lady macleod said...

Have fun girl!
Thank you for coming by.

Ian Lidster said...

All I can say to this is "amen" to your thoughts, milady. But, as you suggest, it's not enough for us to sit on our thumbs and let it pass unchallenged. As for the stoning for adultery I can only say that in years past (not now) I would have been sporting some nasty welts.

Anonymous said...

So happy the conjugals went well.

As for the rest,I am well aware of the terrible punishments meted out by these 'men of God' and am convinced that, if there is an afterlife and I ask Him the question 'Was this your wish' and he answers yes, I will ask to be sent to hell, for at least there there will be no surprises.

Mama Zen said...

Paris? Woo hoo!