Thursday, 25 February 2010

A Second Chance in a New Age

I've decided a want a more adult version of my blog to discuss the brilliant and rather wonderful situation I find myself in after the unexpected turn my life took a year ago. A life filled with love, lots of sex, and more laughter than one immune system should be allowed is now my lot.

The intent here is not pornographic, but rather a frank and largely humorous discussion of sex and love when a woman, and I hope you chaps will join in, reaches a certain age - for me it is 59 years.

I am a woman who really, really enjoys sex but who before my new husband came back into my life last year had gone 13 years (yes groan please!) without it, because even as good as sex can be without love - for me, once having the two together spoiled me for the lesser stuff.

Let me be very clear because I do not wish to alienate any of my lovely readers - this is a blog for adults, moreover for adults who are comfortable with a frank discussion of sex. My intent is a discussion not a lecture, so I hope there will be many comments.

We, I believe I qualify age-wise for the "baby boomers" generation, are living longer, healthier lives, and our appetites for passion, and life do not need to wane unless we make that decision. As for me? I'm just getting started! So join me please.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

You give me hope, dear Lady M. I will join you!

lady macleod said...

Hope indeed my cyber friend! Welcome on board and thank you for coming by.