Monday, 8 February 2010

thought provoking

My daughter sent me the link to this post. It is well worth your time to read - that would be both sexes.


Akelamalu said...

I followed the link - very thought provoking and interesting post thanks and thankyou for visiting me and taking the time to comment.

Nice meeting you. :)

Jen said...

I read the article and the entire comment thread. Very thought provoking--and I confess I find it very interesting how much I enjoyed feminist articles like "I want a wife" by Judy Syfers, but how uncomfortable I was reading this one. When the shoe is on the other foot...

Thanks for sharing!

James Higham said...

Gloria Steinem makes the persuasive argument ...

Had to stop at that point. I'll try to read it next visit when the coffee I spilled over myself has been cleaned up.

lady macleod said...

It was nice meeting you as well. I shall certainly visit again, and thank you for coming by.

I know! I thought it was grand for just that reason.
Thank you for coming by.

I thought we agreed that next time I got to pour the coffee.... :-)
Thank you for coming by.

Dewdrop said...

Thanks for the visit! Glad you enjoyed my blog.

SogniSorrisi said...

Very interesting.

lady macleod said...

Thank you for coming by.

THank you for coming by.