Friday, 14 May 2010

The Garden Part III

My magical ball for the garden; because you can never have too much magic in your life.

I placed her next to the bamboo tree as it is very good luck; and a good spot for our frequent visitor, the bluejay, to drink from her nectar cup.

My Garden Faerie. Isn't she lovely? AND she has RED HAIR!

As I ordered her on line I had no idea she would be as lovely or as large as she is; I"m very pleased.

This day the Houston heat and humidity have me hiding indoors and the adorable husband came home from a day of work and night on call at the hospital to plant (after asking just how I want it done; and requesting I rein in my OED) my elephant ears plant for me - talk about having magic in your life!


Mama Zen said...

Wow! That is magic!

Ian Lidster said...

I think she looks a bit like you, though you are much prettier.