Thursday, 27 May 2010

nice visit

Here is where I was able to run for the few days in Philadelphia - brilliant! While it is true I have a blister on my right heel to show for overdoing it, it was so worth it! The temperature in the sixties and a great trail run beside a river - hard to beat in my book.

MY lovely daughter and I had a nice visit. I stayed at Spruce Hill Manor, and it was most pleasant. Janet, the owner was gracious and went out of her way to make it an enjoyable stay. The location could not be better, as it is easy walking distance to my daughter and her husband's home.

Q had a meeting in NYC with her advisor at NYU so we took the opportunity to make a day of it in the city. But oh my gods the train fares were more than twice my airfare from Houston to Philadelphia! Why can't America run a dependable, affordable rail system? I don't understand that.

As Q is the 'food person' in the family, we had some yummy meals. One of the most outstanding was at a small Italian restaurant in NYC called LUPA at 170 Thompson Street. The appetizer, an assortment of delectably prepared vegetables, left me what I thought was too full for my entre’ - until I tasted the most decadent pasta I have ever had! It was just al dente with cheese, olive oil, and garlic but oh my! What they did to it I don't know, but the last time I made those sounds was after a particularly ecstatic lovemaking session with the adorable husband! So when you are in NYC next- GO, by all means!

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