Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Go see "RED"! NOW! It's brilliant. Dame Helen Mirren with automatic weapons. I wish I had written the screenplay; better yet I wish they had let me come and play too. I can only imagine how much fun they had making this movie. It's brilliant I tell you - go! The 50+ crowd is taking over you young whippersnappers so watch out! :-)


sally in norfolk said...

now i have seen the trailer I want to go and see this , i am almost 50 so should be ok lol x

lady macleod said...

I know you, you will love it and take our male friend with you - if he's back from where ever in the world he was last!
Thank you for coming by.

Mama Zen said...

You would have been fabulous!

lady macleod said...

Mama Zen
hehe What fun aye? Thank you for coming by.

Gary said...

I dated Helen back when Harold McMillian got his mail at 10 Downing. I taught her how to field strip an M-1 rifle and do the rear take-down and strangle hold. In exchange she made me bangers, mash and fish pottage every Thurdsday night. She left me for the same reason all the rest did. Something about lack of size and adventure...whatever THAT means???

lady macleod said...

Well done! Thank you for coming by.