Saturday, 28 April 2007

curbs and pastry

The only reasons curbs exist on the streets and sidewalks of Morocco is so that the cars have something to hook onto when they park on the sidewalks!

Better than Dunkin Doughnuts, better than Krispy Kreme are the moroccan sfing. They are beyond delicious, always hot, always fresh, and cost one dirham apiece. Morocco has the best french fries in the world without doubt!

T has the return of her intestinal upset. It cleared up completely when she went to America, so it is something in Morocco that does not agree with her digestion, poor dear. Gets that from her father, too bad she did not inherit my Scottish digestion of iron.

I took my money for the children's charity to the Post this morning. My box was full and very heavy! Benevolent selfishness, I feel great.

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