Saturday, 28 April 2007


The Scientologists are recruiting at Virgina Tech; it is truly awful. Anything to fill the coffers. What a racket.

Any of you who decide to come to Morocco, I know you will have a brilliant time. I would ask one thing of you, men and women both, to please remember you are in a Muslim country and dress with respect for that culture.

I saw such a shocking sight yesterday. A western tourist who had squeezed her size 16 top into a size 6 spaghetti strap t-shirt so tight that her nipples were sticking out, and a pair of shorts so tight and short that her bum was hanging out. I was mortified. I am from the West and it embarrasses us all.

You don't have to wear a burqa or a djellaba (albeit they are lovely and suited to the weather) just respectful.

On behalf of all Westerners living in Morocco, I thank you.

Fear is a scary thing isn't it. I am convinced fear is at the base of all evil acts - fear of failure, fear of not being loved, of being left alone, of being less, of embarrassment, and on and on. It is the root of what stops you from doing anything. That fear of failure is a big one isn't it? It can keep you from even starting something.
The children of Morocco are so beautiful. Moroccans are a handsome people, and they appear to adore their children. Except the street children, of those they are as judgemental as the puritans of the West saying that the children are on the streets because they want to be there. The youngsters that play on our street light it up with their smiles and laughter. I love the sound of them in the street when I am working. I think we have just about convinced them this is not a candy store. Pam when she was here bribed both the children and apparently the housekeeper with candy. It has taken some time to stop the constant knocking and "bon bon?" at the door.

The weather has retained its beauty and so far, said with some hesitation, is not too hot. It has not soared above eighty yet and the house stayed pretty cool. The sky here is endless and a shade of blue you can see right through. There is a weirdly shaped tree just to front of our terrace. The trunk begins like a normal tree then there is the usual spread of branches and some sort of fern like leaf cover, then - a stick straight up for about six feet. There is a entire village of birds that call it home and fly in and out of there daily to nest and feed. It is so strange looking, like some modern art sculpture.

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