Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Part IV

to refresh your memory, Part I - III.

Part IV (for all of you incurable romantics who have been nudging me, and you know who you are (– jmb, sparx, jenny, wuastc, debio,…)

The breeze blowing in off the sea was cool on my face, and the moonlight was bathing the rocks in a soft glow as Hassan took my hand and we walked along the beach. The Moroccan night sky was doing its usual number – a light show of uncountable bright stars on a bed of black velvet stretching along a limitless horizon. It’s been a while since I took a romantic walk on the beach, all right it’s been a long time since a man held my hand; both actions were having an effect on my psyche and my physical vital signs (increased heart rate, flushed face, nervous tension in the abdomen). I felt my skin in such awareness I was sure I could feel the moonlight touching me on the backs of my legs.

“How long are you going to stay?” Hassan asked without looking at me.

“No chit chat, no small talk first? You want to go right for the blueprint?”

“If you are leaving Africa it puts a different perspective on my blueprint yes. I found in my absence from you that I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I’d like to know your favorite color, and the first time you ate ice crème, the name of the first boy you kissed, and why you have no husband now. I want to know if your eyes always change from brown to green in the sunlight or only when you wear blue. He stopped walking and put his arms around my…. Blackout

This is not a story lovely readers, it’s my life so there are some things you will have to imagine for yourselves.

When we returned to the tent there was café au lait and Delamain Re’serve de la Famille cognac. “How did you get a bottle of the Reserve?! I haven’t even seen a bottle of this in years. I didn’t think Delamain sold the Reserve?”

“The vineyard began selling it in 1984.”

“That explains it, that’s about the time I stopped drinking obscenely expensive brandy,” I grimaced. “You aren’t having any?” I asked as I noticed the one glass on the table.

“I take Ramadan seriously.”

“That’s something we’re going to have to talk about isn’t it? I mean other than the fact I’m staying in Morocco for an indeterminate period of time, if we are going to continue seeing each other – it’s the elephant in the room isn’t it? I’m a Buddhist, you’re a Muslim. Q put it succinctly when she said you could either covert me or kill me. Is that true, or is there another option? Oh gods this is delicious!” I said as the cognac exploded in my mouth. It was a gastronomical orgasm as it flowered in the back of my mouth and paved a heated path to my stomach.

Hassan smiled then started to laugh so hard he had to put his coffee down on the table so that he didn’t spill it. “Gods you are magnificent! You are the only woman I’ve ever met who when beginning a serious discussion of the impact of our personal religious and political differences, and the worlds apart difference that can have on our budding relationship, stops for a sensuous appreciation of a singular taste.”

I stopped with the glass halfway to my mouth for a second sip, “And that’s a good thing?” Yes, yes, I was giving him my “aren’t I adorable smile”. I’m pleased to report it still works.

I’d love to tell you we settled our differences, it all worked out; that religion and politics don’t matter – but that’s a Danielle Steele novel. We decided we could put it off a bit longer and just enjoy the night. Ali drove me home around two a.m. and, of course, walked me to the door and insisted on checking the house before he would leave. I like that chap.

Hassan has gone back to Saudi Arabia. His six-month mission has been extended to a year by the king. Never fear, romantics among you, we have a date in Istanbul or Madrid (my choice ☺ the last week in November or early December. I find him more attractive each time I see him, and his depth and sensitivity are hard to resist. Yes, sparx, he kisses like you would expect _ warm, soft, lingering, and it makes me dizzy. Sigh.



Mama Zen said...

Wonderful! Just wonderful!

Kaycie said...

You lucky lady, you.

Ian Lidster said...

Sensual, sexy and very romantic. Your words and passion just flow in the most enticing way. May your next encounter be all that you want it to be.

Baron Higham-West said...

Isn't that interesting - Gracchi, you and I with posts on Islam.

jmb said...

So instead of this being the last part we get to look forward to Madrid or Istanbul. Tough choice for you my dear.
Now this is what I call an adventure!

jenny said...

My second attempt at leaving a comment, blogger was acting wonky earlier!

You could easily write a book based on your real life romance-- change the names, fudge the locations, blur the details a little and then I'd buy it and devour in a sitting!

Thanks for sharing this ~sigh!~ lovely lovely tale!

Winchester whisperer said...

Looking forward to the next chapter

lady macleod said...

mama zen

I'm pleased you enjoyed it love.

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


Indeed! and don't I know it.

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


I think your comments are "sensual, sexy," and very encouraging. I always look forward to hearing from you; as we all know I'm a sucker for a pretty face with a brain behind it1

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


It's in the air eh?

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


You are SUCH a romantic! It is indeed a difficult choice - in one city I can speak the language (an exciting prospect these days) but in the other is the world's best coffee, not to mention great belly-dancers. It's a grand problem eh?

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


Thank you for trying again. I know how frustrating it is to write a comment and have it eaten! grrrr

Thank you for the compliments and encouragement. I never thought of myself as writing 'romances' but out of the stories I have submitted to contests and such, the romance one has done the best. I'm not sure I have any imagination in this area, but I have had some dandy real-life experiences. I am taking your advice under serious consideration as I saw in the bookstores in the usa many 'exotic' locals on the romance book shelves during my research into what sells. According to statistics romances outsell every other genre! News to me.

Thank you again, and thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


As am I. ;-)

thank you for coming by.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Well, well, well!!!! Ah, but the religion thing. Can't get round that really, can you? Still, nice to have a diversion.

Mopsa said...

I was about to give up all hope that we would hear the next part of the story. Worth waiting for.

I think your wonderful romantic man has been reading Rosie Thomas (Iris and Ruby) to excellent effect.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, wow! So you're seeing him soon? Men like that don't turn up often, Lady M - you can't let him go! I love the bit about the "gastronomic orgasm".

debio said...

But feet not so far off the ground you didn't fail to mention the elephant(s)?

Is life too short for 'elephants' to matter? Or have we lived too long to know that they should, at least, be addressed?

I shall look forward to Istanbul or Madrid eagerly.

Great post lady M.

Sparx said...

Aaah, I thought you were never going to write this! Lovely - and sad as well... I hope there's a part V one day.