Monday, 26 July 2010

Day One Canadian Adventure

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Day One - We left Houston, Texas usa Sunday morning at 0930 hours Texas time on Continental Airlines bound for Vancouver, where we landed after a long but uneventful flight. The one outstanding event that we are slowly running into the ground is teasing our daughter S. who was a bit tired when she got in the taxi in Houston and said, “Are you looking for the can opener? You need a can opener. Oh good there is one, you found it”

During this bit of rambling verbosity, I was looking for the beverage holder in the taxi to put the adorable husband’s coffee
in for stability. We have all been teasing her about that one; she is taking it in stride and with much good humor.

Arriving in Vancouver we walked outside into a COOL breeze and I requested to stay until November! A lovely ride through the city took us to The Fairmount Hotel Vancouver – another grand old lady with a huge old copper roof. But really people I have one word for elegant OLD hotels – VENT, a vent in the bathroom please! One prefers to maintain a certain mystery in a marriage and…

Our room was not yet ready as we had arrived 1300 hours Vancouver time so the Concierge directed us to the Cactus Club CafĂ© as we had two starving teenagers on our hands, as well as two hungry adults who don’t eat that crap they serve on the airplanes now and have the audacity to call food.

It was brilliant! The food was splendid. A word must be said about the staff as it was so very obvious to each of the four of us – a bevy of beauties who were tending bar to waiting tables were uniformly stunningly attractive. My youngest daughter and I managed to spy out the only three male waiters who held their own in the “oh my god look at that guy” department. We have no idea… Some Canadian hiring policy? The natural tendency of the people toward attractive genes? A weeding out of the less attractive? If so how do you not get sued?

The other outstanding characteristic of the restaurant was the bathroom! Now you know how I love a lovely toilet, this was ultra modern – all chrome and glass and smoky mirrors. The stalls were huge and upon closing the door and sitting myself in the proper place to conduct that business for which I had come – I looked up into a telly placed right inside the door at eye level, and playing the Food channel! Surreal! What a hoot.

After getting back to the hotel and into our rooms, the children both collapsed into a nap and I did my unpacking thing while the adorable husband found a nearby shop and brought back “sundries”.

At five (remember we are running two hours ahead time wise and I woke at – 0430hours. I’m just saying… We walked over to the “Bard on the Beach” playhouse. There was a huge crowd dressed in various stages of apparel, and some obvious tourists, as well as locals.

It was a very well done production that we all thoroughly enjoyed. We were drooping badly for the last act but that was the time difference and flight, not the entertainment. I can’t recommend this company highly enough if you are here. “Much Ado about Nothing” is one of my favourite Shakespearean plays. I’ve seen it performed many times in London and other places and this compared very favorably.

Our favourites were the actor who so brilliantly played Benedict, and the actress who played Beatrice. Kudos!

As we stumbled out of the theatre we were so NOT looking forward to the 45-minute walk back to the hotel but the booking agent had told the adorable husband he would find no taxis in the area… After just missing one, by the skin of our teeth, to people in front of us, we did nonetheless manage to flag one down before we had gone very far at all. Whoo! We came home to the very, very comfortable hotel and fell into our beds! Albeit the adorable husband was snacking, and continuing to read up on our next adventure day, and there was much giggling coming from the adjoining children’s room I must say! I read about three pages in my book and rolled over to dreamland.

Today we are off to Granville Island, perhaps Stanley Park, and lunch with my friend “Nobody Important” and her scientist guy. I am looking forward to introducing them to the new members of my family.

Speaking of the rest of my family, Q is off in the wilds of the Caribbean somewhere scuba diving with her husband for a week. Yep, my daughter the jock! And her grandparents are making their way back across country west to east after coming out to get their lovely boat, on which we had SO many wonderful days and weeks (sigh) tarted up and on sale. Golden Dawn you are a grand lady and we will miss you.

I must dress now and get my son awake as he and I are going up to the gym. He is getting in shape for football season, and I'm just trying to stay in shape!

Ciao and more adventures anon!


Gary said...

Wife one is on vacation in British Columbia. Wife two is vacationing in Scotland. Wife three is on holiday somewhere in Colorado...Breckenridge, I think. Wife four is visiting her daughter in San Diego. The common denominator to the above beautiful, smart and currently langourous women is home in Iowa teaching first graders how to play the recorder and build terrariums. I'm done with marrying up...WAY up!

Ian Lidster said...

Darling, what can I say? We Canadians are just remarkably good looking people. Am enjoying following your adventures in my home town, a place with which I am, ahem, rather familiar.

lady macleod said...

It just goes to show what a catch you are, aye? Nice repertoire...
Thank you for coming by.

Yes YOU are remarkable good looking, and nice people! I'm sure I could ask around and find some "Ian stories", but I would never do such a thing! :-)
Thank you for coming by.