Friday, 9 July 2010

THIS is the good news?

Posted on the Park site for the Wonderland Trail that Q is treking this week. She will make it; I may not!

Carry an ice axe even if you think you will not need it. It can snow any day of the year. Paradise Visitor Center recorded a world record 1122 in (2850cm) snowfall in 1972.

flood damage in 2006
most years the snow holds during June and early July.
snow crossing at Panhandle can be trouble
be prepared for cold and wind
you need good knees. Expect a cumulative 23,000ft (7000m) of elevation gain
bring a rope to hang your food
mud, rain, sun and snow is a typical day
in May and June: fallen trees across trails, washed-out bridges, and long stretches of snow-covered trail where route finding will be difficult (NPS)

some sections have poor water supply late season
trails around Sunrise and Reflection Lakes confusing
about 5000 hikers a year complete the whole circuit compared with 20,000 who try to climb it. Circuit hikers are the more exclusive breed.

it's worth bringing GPS, compass and even altimeter

Two days ago she had to break trail through a whiteout to the Ranger Station! The bottom fell out of my stomach three days ago and I am perfecting hand wringing.

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darth sardonic said...

man i have been utter shite about reading lately. how did q dig my mountain? i used to be able to see it on my way home from school every day. well, when the clouds weren't in the way, which was often, even if the rest of the sky was clear.