Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Forgive my lapse in writing – it seems I’m always at the keyboard what with articles for Power Room, the blog book review, and my new deadline of September for the novel and a non-fiction entry for the Surrey Writer’s Conference in October. I learned so much there in 2007, so I’m very excited about returning.

All this marital bliss (and it is!) has gotten in the way of my novel so I have set the conference in October as my deadline to have a manuscript ready to shop around, as well as entering a non-fiction entry for an award that will look good on my resume'.

We are off to Canada for two weeks come this weekend with both my teenage stepchildren; fortunately I adore them and they think I'm "pretty cool". I'm lucky that way with children...

Q has turned into a bloody jock! She just returned from hiking the Wonderland Trail around Rainier (nine days on her own; walked herself out of a white out with a map and a compass!) where she earned the title "BADASS" from the Park Rangers; and is off this weekend for scuba diving in the Caribbean. Who knew?!

All here is about the upcoming trip – getting medications, and Red Bull (which has had an amazing positive effect on my migraines! The adorable husband/doctor thinks it is the Taurine…) Making certain everyone has passports, trousers, shoes, and knickers! I have to get my hair done and my legs waxed before we go! Priorities my dears!

The adorable husband has done a magnificent job of planning everything – there will be whale watching, flying in the seaplane, taking the ferry, deep sea fishing (yes, I will be home writing that day), horseback riding, zip lining, seeing parks, taking the train... You get the idea.

We will be visiting Banff National Park, along with a kick ass train ride taking us west to east; as well as zip lining and a nice long horseback ride with picnic. I intend to blog my way across Canada so prepare yourselves. The adorable husband has done all the planning, and calling, and paying - and a fine job he has done I must say. I am in charge of being adorable, easy to get along with, and taking movies and photographs, along with keeping a journal by blogging. So everyone has a job.

I am in the process today of typing up the Friday Book Review for the next four Fridays so that I don’t need to haul that huge book along with me!



Ian Lidster said...

Welcome to my part of the world. The weather has been superlative of late, so you should have a great time, and you'll love Banff. By the way, you can most definitely get Red Bull here.

lady macleod said...

As far as I'm concerned, Canada is elevated by the mere presence of you and our friend "Nobody Important".

On my previous trips I found the scenery brilliant and the populace adorable to friendly, helpful, and downright nice. I am looking forward to all aspects of our trip, and the family time it will entail.

The adorable husband is having the expected angst at letting his baby girl go all the way "up North" to university come September, and this is his 'last hurrah' as it were, and he has a lot invested in the trip on many levels - so my other job is to be the calming influence.

Thank you for the data on Red Bull!

Thank you for coming by.

Mama Zen said...

Sounds like marvelous fun!

And, I'm definitely taking note of that bit about Red Bull.