Sunday, 10 July 2011

First Day of Teaching of the Kalachakra

We had the first Teaching yesterday. I think the adorable husband (who came all the way up from Texas just for the weekend, to see what it was all about, and support me) was suitably impressed, and then we had a lovely evening together. I am going to do my prayers this morning as he sleeps, so I can stay here and have breakfast with him. Then he will leave for the airport, and I shall go to the afternoon teaching. They have begun the Mandala - oooooooooooooooooh so beyond beautiful. I am surprised they have shown it on the screen, as technically those taking the vows are not to supposed to see it until the Day of the Empowerment - technology I suppose. I told the adorable husband about all the years of study and preparation the chaps who create it must undergo - they are practically sacred themselves.

His Holiness's address on World Peace went well, though it did not receive the attention the Casey Anthony trial did!! He looks good, still a little stiff after sitting for long teaching, but moving about well. Yesterday as He was leaving, someone shouted out from up in the stands, "We love you Your Holiness!", and he threw us some kisses. The bloody house came down! It was grand.

I apologize for my crappy photographs and films, but my great little digital camera takes NOW to die - well, I do suppose it was not by choice aye? I have my iTouch, and will do my best with that, and post things from the Kalachakra website.

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