Monday, 11 July 2011


After making the long trip from Texas to be here just for the weekend, to lend his support and see His Holiness - the adorable husband has returned home to Houston. I requested housekeeping NOT change my bed linens so I can sleep on 'his' side of the bed that still smells like him. Yes, I am silly in love with my husband! How cool is that?

Another inspiring Teaching yesterday. The crowds are growing. The adorable husband, as he always does, found me a GREAT restaurant, steps from the Verizon Centre - Clyde's. They have FANTASTIC crab cakes, and a brilliant staff - lovely and very friendly. I crawled there through the oppressive heat after the Teaching, desperately hopeful that they were open on Sunday. They were! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Two of the waitresses are particularly lovely (photos coming). I shall be 'appearing' there all week! :-)

Afterwards. the crowds had thinned out, a bit, at the Tibetan street market, and I found some great shirts for the children; as well as such a cute bag for my Sarah. Q and A have their happiness - those two are climbing in Switzerland this week!

Breakfast has arrived. Time to get to it - the gym, prayers, Teaching; and there is what should be a interesting talk tonight I want to attend. On the first night's teaching (various teachers from around the country, and the world, on various topics of interest) they had 900 seats, and 3000 PEOPLE showed up. How brilliant is that?!!!!! So, they are now holding all teachings at the Verizon Center in order to accommodate everyone. I love it. You would not believe the energy in that place.

I don't know if I am becoming any 'wiser', but I feel an amazing happiness, peace, and such compassion for everyone (yes, everyone...)


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