Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I have no idea WHY,

but someone has created a fake Facebook account in my name, with much of my personal data. I was notified yesterday by a friend who is a geek and has a kick-ass supply of computer/software toys. She has deactivated the account but was unable to delete it. I have only the ONE Facebook page. My list of "friends" is relatively small, so I am not going to erase my authentic Facebook page. That said, should anyone see a page similar to mine but with some rather risque photographs, and comments I would never make - please let me know.

Do let me tell you to tighten your security/privacy settings. This person routed the data through several IP addresses - INCLUDING MY OWN. A bit like having someone look up your skirt - but not in a good way!

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James Higham said...

Imitation and flattery ... someone likes you?