Thursday, 16 December 2010

Monday, 6 December 2010

Time is not linear.

On Saturday morning I sat down with a walking, talking, breathing fragment of my past from forty years ago. As he so beautifully put it, “It was like looking over a chasm of forty years, and you stood on the other side. In a breath’s time, the chasm disappeared as though it never existed.”
As I say often, and you will hear again, I’m an incredibly lucky woman. To have such a precious opportunity to revisit myself from forty years ago as seen though the eyes of someone who only saw the best in that young girl was like taking a trip in Doctor Who’s Tardis.

After the greeting hug, the years fell away, and standing in front of me was that dashing young pilot who showed me devotion, passion, and romance in its best form, when we were both so very young. As he spoke, I looked into those sapphire blue eyes, that are wiser now, but still fathomless – I remembered the Old English definition of fathom: “ something that embraces; hence, a unit of measurement based on the span of the outstretched arms.” How very appropriate.

We spoke of his life now, my life now. There was a cursory, due to time restraints, trip back to our lives from then to now. We found we have evolved to many of the same interests and views. We have both known death and danger, we have both known love, we both are blessed with children, and we have both evolved into better versions of ourselves.

We spoke quietly of events shared only between us. There was the, I knew it was coming, reference to the time I wrecked his snazzy Thunderbird…. The time he sent me roses because “it’s Thursday”… sigh, so romantic.

It was an all too short, but precious comma in the ongoing sentence of our relationship. I don’t believe the Universe does anything by accident. I’m sure there’s a reason it was a good idea to made the seed of the avocado that size, and our finding each other again after all this time also has reason and purpose.

I left that meeting feeling younger, prettier, and more at peace than when I arrived. I am very grateful he came into my life forty years ago, and very pleased he has returned to me.

Find someone today and show them the meaning, in the Old English, of fathm.