Wednesday 11 January 2012

Joy and Rapture!

Home to the U.S. and not-dead, always good. I have NEWS. I AM GOING TO BE A GRANDMOTHER! We shopped for the layette in Paris to get him off to a good start.


Tuesday 10 January 2012

Last day (this trip) in Paris

The Adorable Husband is taking Sarah to the Catacombes. Q is to the library to work, one last day to get her hands on the ancient manuscript. I am contemplating one more lunch at Cafe' de la Paix - foie gras and excellent wine...

Last day here...

WE are swimming in baby clothes and happiness here. Go over and read what Elle wrote - brilliant.

Monday 9 January 2012


The Adorable Husband out from 2200 to 0200 hours Saturday night to watch American football in the old Latin Quarter: check
Romantic dinner with Adorable Husband: check
Romantic interludeS with Adorable Husband: check
Shopping with Q: today
Step- daughter to Versailles: check
museums: check
dinner at Moroccan restaurant: check times two
dinner at very very French restaurant: tonight
Purchase gifts for those left at home: today

So far, so good!

Monday 2 January 2012

the woes of no sleep..

Argh. I'm awake at 0400hrs but the good news is, this will help me with the time change. We leave for Paris at 1600hrs this afternoon! Q and A will fly in from St. Petersburg the morning of 4th January, then eleven days of French fun.

I'm determined to get over on Haussman to the shop that carries the lovely handkerchiefs, and the new shop I discovered in November last that sells the brilliant parasoles, and the aromatic tea shop that hand mixes the Chai tea for me. Lots to do.

The children are going to do the museums, and Versailles with the Adorable Husband. My plan is to walk, drink, shop, eat, and have some romantic time with my love. A good plan yes?


Sunday 1 January 2012

and we are off!

Happy New Year to all! Off to Paris anon with The Adorable Husband, and step-daughter, Sarah. Q and A are flying into Paris from St. Petersburg the day after we arrive. Eleven days in Paris when people I love - difficult to find a better way to begin a new year!