Tuesday 15 February 2011

The Big Apple

Quick overview - details to follow: we arrived at noon on Saturday, had lunch at The National, located in the Benjamin Hotel across from the Waldorf. We've eaten here before, and were pleased to see that they have renovated but retained the good service and excellent food we remembered. We settled ourselves into our suite and I ran out of juice and fell over into bed.

On Sunday the adorable husband attended a matinee of The Whipping Man. He could not say enough good things about how very excellent it was. I spent the day recuperating.

The children arrived Monday morning and we had great fun visiting and catching up with their lives. Q had a couple of doctor appointments about her ankle, injured in her training for the marathon, and we took the cutie son-in-law with us to Tiffany's to have them attach my new charm that arrived with the roses, new smaller Kindle with 3G, two adorable antique valentines that the adorable husband found in a shop when we were in Bastrop apparently, and some fun pajamas from the Pajama Game. The gents took off for an invigorating walk down 5th Avenue to the restaurant over near NYU while I finished up, returned to the hotel and made reservations.

It warmed up yesterday but has taken a delightful drop into the 30's this morning. We are off to see Wicked tonight.

I hope you had a warm and loving Valentine's Day!

Friday 11 February 2011

and we're off again!

The house is all tidy (I hate coming home to a dirty house), the laundry is done, I'm still coughing but MUCH less, off to have my hair made straight and shiny this morning, then packing for a VERY early flight to NYC! It appears I won't die - always a good thing aye? Valentine Day gifts all wrapped; I just need to pick up some cards. Q has a long running vendetta against Valentine's Day, so hers are "not-Valentine's Day" gifts.

I had the dirge for my garden yesterday. Houston has been lying to me for the past two years about having any REAL cold weather and finally when they do I'm laid up with the 'death-flu'. Argh! The cold snap killed everything but my asparagus fern and tough little Russian Ivy. Alas. Alas. Big trip to the garden store when we return, BIG trip. These are good problems to have...

I'm so happy to be feeling better! Excellent timing as well I must say. I will keep you up to date as to how NYC fares and our adventures there.


Thursday 10 February 2011


Making a plan is the best way to see the gods laugh!

Tuesday 8 February 2011

not dead yet

I continue to breathe, but still with a distinctive rattle! I'm going to try to get out of bed today, for a bit, for the first time since our return from Lost Pines. I still have to fill you in on the rest of that fun trip!

I MUST be well by Saturday - BIG, EXCITING, TRIP TO NYC! I have the Ballet, the theatre, dinner, walking, shopping with the adorable husband, and visiting with Q! YIkes! Even if I have to be propped up with those long sticks they use to hold the olives in Martinis I will be upright - or with a bottle of 18-year-old-MacLeod's in my pocket aye?

And NOW the adorable husband texted this morning, he is "stuffy"; brave love that he is, he is most likely deathly ill!

What a predicament! Could be worse, can always be worse....

Tuesday 1 February 2011

ug and ow!

The photographs from the Lost Pines trip are over on my Facebook Page.

I apparently picked up the one and only DEADLY germ at Lost Pines and am very close to death again! Crickey, it's turning into a theme. And I have so much to do... I may not be able to avoid the doctor on this one as the adorable husband looks very panicked.

If I don't die (just kidding), I'll be back soon.