Friday, 22 June 2007


As I descended the staircase, carefully, eyes on the gorgeous man in the white Navy uniform, I felt the dress swaying side to side. I could feel the slight pinch of my shoes with each contact with the stone steps. My fingers had gone stone cold and I could not feel my knees. I could hear my breathing over the strains of Strauss’s waltz from the ballroom on the left. The smell of pine drifting in from the fireplaces tickled my nose.

When I was about halfway down the staircase everyone in the little group in the foyer stopped speaking. I hit the last stair with a relief so profound I felt giddy as I walked over to stand in front of John.

“Well you look beautiful. You have done some growing since I was last here,” he said with a smile.

“Thank you, and yes I have. I think you should know I have decided to marry you,” I just blurted it out and then blushed to the roots of my red hair. I had that terrible feeling where you are in a cold sweat and the bottom has fallen out of your gut. I had no where to go, I had to stand my ground after making my declaration.

John started to laugh, then went quiet as he looked around the group - at the men who knew me best – none of them were laughing.

“I see,” he said looking at me with a new intensity. “Why don’t we dance first?” he said gently, smiling and held out his hand for mine.

That is the story of our first grown up meeting. If this is something you want more of, you know I am a slave to my faithful readers, I shall continue along this vein... after a day or so of tales of life in Rabat.

We had a fabulous lunch over at Paul's (very French, very posh, very lovely) with our friend Suzanne who is one of those young women with the energy, compassion, and know how to rule the world that only an American can exhibit with such expectation of success. The tale of Suzanne and Kareem is not only romantic, but also political, religious, and international in scope. We did two days of serious exploration of shopping the posh side of town - lacy sheets, to-die-for-French lingerie, ancient jewelry, and macaroons.

I have some great new photographs for you of some of the stranger shopping items I’ve come upon lately as well as unique travel devices, and the pussy in a basket. That’s what is coming over the next three days then. Thank you for coming by.


Pig in the Kitchen said...

you're such a tease, I would like to know more please!

lady macleod said...

moi?! yes dear. thank you for coming by.

Mopsa said...

Keep it coming for heaven's sake.

The Good Woman said...

'I think we should dance first.' Why is it that when I suggested marriage to my first love he ran for the hills?

lady macleod said...


all right :-) thank you for coming by.

good woman

I think this was a metaphore! It took me five more years! thank you for coming by.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Well, we have to know the rest. Obviously, he said yes at some point. But when?

jenny said...

Am I gonna have to drag you over here and sit on you until you say "uncle"? :o) You sure do like to leave us hanging and drooling for more! I love everything you write, whether it is about Morocco, Hassan, or Dunvegan Castle... but as Piggy says, "You're such a tease!"

When I read your stories, I can picture the whole thing in my head like a movie and then when you end the post, it is like someone stopped the movie suddenly and I am anxiously looking around for the remote to get it playing again! Then when I find the remote it's the wrong one! Found another remote, batteries are dead! And so on... You are rather enjoying this arent you, my dear Lady M??? Until tomorrow....

lady macleod said...


it took some doing! tell you all about it shall i? all right. thank you for coming by.


yes mam', but I don't want to bore you do I? i love your comments. I'm still smiling. thank you for coming by.

marymaryquitecontrary said...

Did you turn into a pumpkin at midnight;or did you all live happily ever after? For heavens sake WHAT HAPPENED!

Brillig said...

A. You are a great big tease and I can't believe how you leave us hanging like this. Great reading.

B. You've been tweaking your site, and it looks great! Fun stuff. I've been working on mine all day and now my head hurts...

lady macleod said...


the first thought i had at your comment was, "No not at midnight, but two years after the wedding, at six months pregnant I LOOKED like a pumpkin!"
Not that evening, I was up to see the sunrise with coffee served in the gardens for all the guest still vertical. I will tell you more since that seems to be a popular request. thank you for coming by. i love your user name.


A. thank you

B. thank you! but you are doing the actual work yes? I am cutting and pasting. I am trying to figure out how to make it go from border to know "manifest destiny? Perhaps I should ask one of the Americans... Jenny!
thank you for coming by.

jmb said...

You are such a tease. Oh I just started typing that and looked over at the first comment to see it starts out exactly the same. Great minds think alike, I guess.
Oh well, if we have to take a little detour first, I guess it's all right. But not too long now, I'm getting on you know.

pluto said...

I remarked before on your boldness when you first met Hassan. Looks as if you've always had it! And it sure brings you some wonderful things.

Andres Carl Sena said...

no falls, no trip ups, "I have decided to marry you." I like that. and i like you ended up dancing.

lady macleod said...


i must admit, being a tease has never been part of my character description.... perhaps it is the medium of the written ...not too long now! thank you for coming by.


"boldness", yes that has always been part of my character description - both to good and bad end. thank you for coming by.

andres carl sena

good, i'm pleased you liked it. thank you for coming by.

KarenO said...

YESSS! More! Please! :)

"I think we should dance first" had me laughing out loud - famous first words (even though they were not strictly first but first adult meeting first - you know what I mean!

I would also really like to read more about Suzanne and Kareem. It's their decision in a big way, but if neither of them blog, please ask their permission so you could do it for us?