Friday, 15 June 2007

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Here’s my last bit of business before answering the poll with some stories; these are the ACTUAL questions of the Mama Zen tag…(the one I didn’t READ the first go).

What were you doing ten years ago?
I was quite ill actually. It was the last year of an almost four year span of being confined mostly to bed. Things got better.

What were you doing one year ago?
I was in Boston USA playing host to Q and A as they had just graduated university and were looking for an apartment. I also had a new cat in the house, Kuan lo Chen, who is a white Ragdoll with turquoise eyes. When I left for Africa A got my cat (sniff,) and Q will have him when she returns in August for life at NYU. Continuing my lifelong stint as a student I was taking classes at a local university, they abound in Boston.

Five snacks you enjoy
I love good caviar with sour cream, onions, and chopped eggs
Snickers bars (really should be a food group don’t you think?)
Canapés with olives and salmon
Popcorn. I was introduced to popcorn when I went to America in 1980. I had no idea what I’d been missing.
Scones and jam with tea

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics
Not a single one! But I know the plot lines to all of Puccini and Verdi’s operas, does that count? I can sing all the choruses with the Corries on all four of their CDs. I know most of Amazing Grace, Ye Jacobites by Name, and Bonnie Dundee. I hang my head in shame…

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
Make a trust for Q.
Give one-fourth to Project Heifer International
Make a huge donation to the children’s school in Macleod Ganj
Have some nips and tucks done
Invest the rest

Five bad habits
I hate to exercise
If I am not pushed I won’t socialize. I am a hermit at heart.
I am a bit obsessive – but it’s not like I need medication for it! I just like things to be neat and put back where they belong.
Unless I pay attention I don’t eat, or I eat whatever is handy and easy.
I don’t cook. I can, but I don’t.

Five things you like doing
I love to read!
I like to run. I know, I know this contradicts the one above. I do hate it until I am doing it. It’s when it is over that it feels great. I am very suspicious of people who say they enjoy exercise. I surmise they are either lying or nuts.
I like to write stories. I love it when people read and like my stories.
I love to walk.
I love going to the opera.

Five things you would never wear again
Those red patent leather shoes! I will say they were appropriate at the time and I did love them so.
That lacy white dress with the empire waist. What was I thinking?!
Mini skirts (sigh)
Corsets…that could be a “maybe”
Black fishnet stockings

Five favorite toys.
My computer
My Apple iPod Shuffle
DVD player
My watch – it has all sorts of gadgets
My Afghani knife


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jenny said...

A friend asked me once-- "Pick one: A place for everything OR Everything has it's place". I picked 'everything has it's place', and she concluded that I was neat and liked things put away where they belong rather than tossing things here and there. Looks like you are the same way!

Is there no end to interesting things about you? I sure am happy to know you like to write because I like to read what you write!

When Q leaves, will you stay behind?

ORION said...

How is it I have not found your blog before this?
Such total good fun to read - thanks!

Mama Zen said...

Fascinating, even with canned questions!

Kaycie said...

"If I am not pushed I won't socialize." That describes me perfectly. I really enjoyed reading your answers.

mutterings and meanderings said...

I think you are a dangerous woman, Lady M - guns and knives this week! I shall have to have a think about these questions ..

debio said...

With you on the caviar; hubby with you on the snickers (currently direting though); I love to exercise - but, am I lying? - no-one in blogosphere will ever know!

You are so interesting, lady m...

p.s. iBeatrice is off to Glyndebourne this Sunday - anybody else jealous?

Shauna said...

Mmm.. Snickers. Yum.

Brillig said...

This was great fun to read, as is everything you write. It's fun to learn more about you!

james higham said...

Oh dear!

Omega Mum said...

Fascinating. It's all such fun. Like a non-stop cyber guessing game. How are you coping with fame, incidentally?

jmb said...

So now we learn so much more about Lady M. First the eight random things and now the I don't-know-how-many things in this meme. Soon you won't have any secrets left.
Always a joy to come by and read what you have to say.

pluto said...

When you were confined to bed for so long, were you still well enough to read? If you were, you must have got an extraordinary amount of reading done. If you weren't ...!
BTW: I've stopped keeping a blog myself for the time being -- I'll just be a visitor to other people's.

lady macleod said...


I see no shame in the fact my old nickname was Mrs. Tiddlymouse. I am pleased you are enjoying the adventures of Morocco.
Yes, I am going to stay through the winter (insert snicker) I think.
thank you for coming by.


I don't know, but I am pleased you found me. thank you for coming by and do come back.

mama zen

curtsy. Thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


thank you and thank you for coming by.


Dangerous oui? Not so! Well, perhaps a little...


thank you for coming by. That gadabout i beatrice!


indeed! Thank you for coming by.


thank you and thank you for coming by.


yep, yep, yep. thank you for coming by.

nutmeg said...

Oh, I did this meme and I forgot all about the nip and tuck. I want nips and tucks!