Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Tagged by Mama Zen

Mama Zen tagged me while I was down for the count. Since I made it back up (tad da), I will make my list for today.
Before I begin I want to muse for a moment on this blog community of ours. I have never physically met any of my cyber friends but you all seem so real to me. Your good wishes impacted me in a very positive way when I was feeling like death would be a relief. The one thing I did besides listen to movies, was read all your comments. It was like multiple pats on the shoulder. I have witnessed others in our circle going through trying circumstance and everyone rushes to express their concern and support. Mayhap I feel it more being somewhat isolated in a country that is not my own. I have long believed there is power in positive thought no matter what label you feel most comfortable putting on them (prayer, meditation, vibes, et al). I believe our little community has that kind of power, I certainly felt it. I want to once again thank you all. On that note, here we go..

#1 I have a label tattooed on my forehead that only children and animals can see. It says SUCKER.

#2 I once hid in the trunk of a car to pass through the Kashmir – Pakistani border. Just as the guard had popped the latch to open the trunk, my friend who was driving put enough hadeesh (bribe) in his hand to pay that month’s rent, and he shut the trunk.

#3 As a genre I don’t actually care much for film actors with the notable exceptions of those who use their fame to do good (Bono, Gere, Jolie, Pitt, Sarandon, and some others).

#4 I am a Buddhist who owns two hand guns, but as Q explained to her Quaker friend, “She has never shot at anyone who wasn’t bad.”

#5 I had a horse named Bucephalus, an Arabian who was jet black. When I first rode him, he almost killed me by throwing me over a pile of rocks. We had a chat about that and became best friends. The deal was he would not try to kill me, and I would feed him.

#6 I liked to chew rocks when I was a child. Really there is nothing else to say about that is there?

#7 I thought people who were left-handed and wore glasses were cool when I was a child. I still do.

#8 K2 is the most wicked mountain that exists and Chomolungma (Everest) is for sissies. I have climbed them both, not summit, climbed. Fortunately I don’t have so much testosterone I feel obligated to go those last thousand feet. Albeit when I had my knee operated on, and was running on the treadmill three days later my surgeon threaten to test my testosterone level…

#9 I have been hang gliding, and high altitude parachute jumping. I love roller coasters, but only if they go really fast and turn you upside down.

#10 I am fascinated with quantum physics. In spite of the fact it is falling out of favor, I love string theory. I think physics and spirituality are closely interrelated.

Uh oh I f***ed up! I am just catching up on my blog visits and Mama Zen had indeed tagged me, but a tag with specific questions and orders to tag five others. As penance for not being more through I will post said blog and tags before the week is out.


I Beatrice said...

So glad you're back! And back on top form too, it seems....

I'm busy with grandchildren just now, but will come back to commment on your newest piece as soon as I can.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Sorry to hear you were under the weather but great that you're back. I'm catching up on your blog. I'm a complete idiot when it comes to science so will take your comment on quantum physics as a given. Other than that, I know why you sucked on rocks as a kid: to give you the cajones to do what you've done in your adult life. All these little tidbits keep coming out.

Paige said...

Woah! I'm impressed. A real mountain climber. Kudos to you.

Also, Bucephalus is the perfect name for a horse. I'm assuming you're a history buff?

Kaycie said...

So many interesting things. I think my favorite is the guns.

So glad you're feeling better, Lady M.

lady macleod said...

i beatrice

Thank you friend, I am happy to be back. What a wonderful activity to be busy with...
Thank you for coming.


He he. Thank you for giving a positive slant to my childhood habit. I really like that as I have always felt a bit odd about that. Thank you for coming by.


Thank you. Yes it was historical influence that figured into my choice of a name. that and the fact I don't know the name of Henry V's horse. thank you for coming by.


Hmmm... that says something about both of us eh? Thank you, I am also glad to be feeling better. It's so awful, like losing time. thank you for coming by.

dulwichmum said...

I love to read these "tagged" posts. It is great to hear about the mountain climbing and the horse riding. You sound terribly energetic!

sally in norfolk said...

wow ...what a woman you are !!!

lady macleod said...


I like the tagged post on other people as well. I have learned that after fifty it is not a lack of energy but rather the laws of physics that slow us down - a body at rest tends to stay at rest (yikes).
thank you for coming by.


I don't know about that, but thank you. Remember I have had over a half decade to get it done! You are looking very good on the polls!
thank you for coming by.

The Good Woman said...

Well, this puts the running off into the desert with a strange man thing into perspective a bit.

All this from a lass from Skye!

lady macleod said...

good woman

'tis true, I'm just a village lass wandering the world. Did you have a brilliant time on holiday?
thank you for coming by.

mutterings and meanderings said...

Glad your mended. By your list, I think it would require something major to keep you down for long!

Your hoss sounds fab. Do you still ride?

I long to hanglide.

Shauna said...

Great list! #1 cracks me up!

jmb said...

I have just written a similar post but with 8 things. I am so boring compared to you, I am rethinking posting it! Oh well, we are what we are!

lady macleod said...


Oh yes I ride whenever I can. The last long ride I had was when Q and I visited Alaska two years ago - now that was a trail! Thank you for coming by.


It's true though. Thank you for coming by.


Oh pashaw! I have read your post you know, you are anything but boring. Thank you for coming by.

nutmeg said...

Yea, I've got nothing. Because I'm so boring. I hid in a trunk to get into a drive-in for free once. I climbed a mountain of laundry today! Like I said, nothing.

lady macleod said...


You have me beat, I have never been to a drive-in, out or in a trunk.
thank you for coming by.

jenny said...

Oh my Lady M!! The things you have done in this world! Maybe one day you can post your mountain climbing experiences? We always hear from the chest-thumping men, but never from the humble woman.

A kindred spirit!! I used to suck on rocks when I was little, too! I used to play in the shade under our camper and put rocks in a row and find the smoothest ones and suck on them, feeling them roll around on my tongue...

I'm glad you are feeling better. I missed you!

pluto said...

Hey, Big Arnie, good to have you back!
(Q's remark about your guns is just so close to a line from True Lies.)
You hid in a boot to cross that border? Were you going through a mildly self-destructive stage, or was it just a bit of light-hearted fun?

Karen said...

Ooooh you're back, yeah! :) I can totally relate to your sucking on stones, I ate wet earth when I was little! Still get that ping in my jaw whenever I smell the earth after a rainstorm.

I think you're one awesome woman, no wonder Mr H had his feet swept from under him ;)

lady macleod said...


That's an idea eh? I certainly do have some stories about climbing! Yes I am finding that evidently there is an entire classification of children who chew on rocks. Thank you I am glad to be back and thank you for coming by.


I'm pretty sure that's where she got the line. I am embarrassed to tell you that on that particular crossing I wasn't doing anything noble...I was getting some silk rugs out for a yes, a mildly destructive phase.
Thank you for coming by.


That settles it, we were all a bit strange as children! Thank you for the kind works and thank you for coming by.

debio said...

So glad you're back, lady m, and on top form!

As expected your tags are facinating. I am both left-handed (very) and wear glasses (when vanity permits or blindness simply overcomes) but I cannot claim to be at all as interesting as you might think!

lady macleod said...


I always knew you were cool! Thank you for coming by.

Katie said...

Great list! The rock chewing is my favourite bit. Didn't you damage your teeth?