Thursday, 14 June 2007

This Just In..

I placed a very respectable second place in Best Blog Outside North America and the UK behind Sicily Scene. Thank you to everyone who voted for me, and especially those who voted more than once. Being the new kid I was surprised to be nominated and pleased to have done so well. Thank you all.

I have had a very good response to the poll. "How you met John" and "stories of Morocco" have run neck and neck, so that's what we shall do.


Stay at home dad said...

Congratulations! And sorry to hear you have been laid low. With so much going on here I'm not surprised...

Will investigate at leisure.


Mama Zen said...

Congratulations! Well-deserved to say the least!

Kaycie said...

That's wonderful! Looking forward to stories of John and Lady M in Paris.

lady macleod said...

stay at home dad

Thank you. All better now. Please investigate and thank you for coming by.

mama zen

Thank you, it is really fun. Thank you for coming by.


Good, first I have to properly answer Mama Zen's tag since I buggered it up yesterday!
Thank you for coming by.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Lady M, congratulations. You have a lovely blog, too and I shall visit often. I feel I know you already from your comments over at James's. Auguri from Sicily.

Annie said...

Congratulations! Will have to go read more now and get all caught up after my break away.

Omega Mum said...

Well done. I have to confess that I tried to vote several times and was rubbish, as I have been for Mutley, but will do much better (about the time I learn how to publish pictures). I am very, very pleased for you but incredibly guilty because if I'd been a bit more industrious, maybe you'd have been first (which you should have been)

Brillig said...

WOW!!!!! That's so great!!! Congratulations! So well-deserved!

lady macleod said...

Welshcakes Limoncello

Thank you and back to you. I know I have seen you about the neighborhood, I'm glad we finally met. thank you for dropping in.

lady macleod said...

annie, omega mum, and brillig

I LOVE MY READERS!! You are all so fabulous. You would think from your reactions I just walked away with Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars. Talk about a lift! Winning would be nice, but having you is better. Thank you for your incredible support and thank you for coming by.

Omega Mum said...

As you must know by now, there's nothing like vicarious emotion for stirring the blood. I love it!!! Anyway, we all want to come to your launch party.

jmb said...

Hi Lady Mac,
In case you think the old lady is crazy, I want to explain. I came here yesterday to congratulate you but I came via Sally from Norfolk's blogroll.

I read the post before I commented, noted 40 or more comments, went down to the bottom and added mine. Then I was going back up the comments and noticed I had already commented on this one.

Then I checked on the date and saw it was an old post, so Sally from Norfolk has linked to that one post rather than the home page.

So here I am, not too crazy after all, congratulating you for your placing in the category.
As I said yesterday you are a great writer and I admire that.

Janejill said...

Hello and I am very happy to find your blog; congratulations - I have only read a couple of posts, but I can say what a deserving near winner you are(next time will be the one). I am really looking forward to reading much more (befores and after)- your profile and tag post are so varied and a bit wild - great..

I Beatrice said...

Congratulations! Second was respectable indeed for so new a blogger -most of us weren't even nominated!

Wouldn't it be wonderful, now, if we could have our own Awards party - to which all these lovely people could come. Some day, we must all arrange to meet anyway.

Looking forward to Paris meanwhile....

lady macleod said...

omega mum



Thank you and thank you for going to so much trouble to get the congratulations to me! I am disappointed that you did not win, but you are MY favorite Canadian blog! Thank you for coming by.


Thank you for the kind words and welcome! Please feel free to roam about. Thank you for coming by.

i beatrice

Thank you and yes. I think we should ask Lady Macauley if we can use her garden? Thank you for coming by.

@themill said...

Congrats! Did put my vote in.

Shauna said...

Congrats. Well deserved!

lady macleod said...

@the mill and shauna

Thank you both! and thank you for coming by.