Tuesday, 2 September 2008

It's Ramadan

2 September 2008

Oh yes it is indeed Ramadan. Once the sun set not a soul was indoors! I forget from one year to the next just how crowded the Medina becomes at night. Remember that Star Trek episode where Kirk was trapped on the planet in a mock up of the Enterprise with the pretty girl who wanted him to 'infect' her because no one could die on the planet. And when he could see through the windows you saw all the bodies pressed against the glass - that's the Medina tonight. You have to get into a current of people and just go with the flow.

Then Rachid at Café Arab was trying to convince me that Yemen is a garden spot and lone women are welcome and safe. Yes, well good luck with that. I spent some time in Beirut and since that time am leery of men selling bridges, or garden spots.

And the streets of the city are not much less crowded. A taxi you say? Lots of luck with that. I did finally manage to secure one after warning off two young bucks with a look that said, 'Back off or die young'. I did not want to face the walk through the Medina again, and not this late. Normally I'm not worried but I do not like having my laptop out this late... Too tempting.

A matter of timing. Morocco changed the bloody time zone thing on me again. I arrived at the gym at what I thought was 1130 hours to discover it is 1030 hours where NOTHING is open in Morocco especially during Ramadan. Fortunately I took myself over to Mega Mall where the café shop is not open but the table, the a/c, and the Internet are! Considerate eh?

I apologize to you my lovely readers for not being more attentive but Internet access is difficult to come by and with Ramadan on even more so. I have my airline tickets for Paris and then points West – at which time I will have unfettered access – oh joy and rapture! I shall then again bend your ear daily. Thank you for your attention and patience.


jmb said...

Are you feeling sad about moving on, or is it time after all? What a wonderful experience it has been for you and Q although she is has moved on into a new phase of her life.

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Moggs Tigerpaw said...

You rather bring the place alive with your description. I can picture it.

Not so sure I would care to be there without a Madonna style escort, but it is vivid.

sally in norfolk said...

I shall always remember my holiday in Morocco and meeting you :-)