Sunday, 5 August 2007

I was asked by Blog Interviewer to do an interview for their site. It is posted here. They have a rating system. I fear that is all I know about the site. I don't think there is anything new in the interview for regular readers but you may want to pop over just to see what the blog is about (and to give yours truly a "thumbs up").

I have a guest post over at Shades of Grey.



Mike said...

Thanks again for the interview. I thought I'd let your readers know that if they vote for your blog interview every day and it's in the top three blogs at the end of the month you receive a cash prize.

Also, we pick a random comment contributor daily for free prize.

You can vote every 24 hours for the blogs you like.

Got any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

lady macleod said...

Thank you Mike. Money eh? Alright people go!

Lord Trafalgar Rock Pigeon said...

Yes I was asked too. Think I'll do it tomorrow morning.

jmb said...

When I received the invite I rushed over to check the site and found you there Lady Mac, so now I know how I got invited.
The three URLs at the end are how the virus spreads, so James, Welshcakes and another blogger I read will also be invited. I see you probably beat me to it with James and probably Welshcakes too.
I did it so now we have to go and vote daily, just like Blogpower awards

lady macleod said...

My Lord,

As well THEY should m'lord! I shall look forward to many interesting details about your personal habits and mating customs.

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


I'm quite sure you were invited for your wonderfulness!

voting, voting, ah the price of cyber friends. Fine with me! Let's see if we can have some Blog Power winners eh?

thank you for coming by..

darth sardonic said...

hi, i tagged you with a courageous blogger award. details are in my post today.

lady macleod said...


You dear man. I am honored. Thank you. (sound of hands clapping in glee, and I admit, a wee bit of jumping - only a bit)

and thank you for coming by.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Interesting interview, Lady M. I didn't know why you had started blogging, for instance. Good post fpr Shades, too - I've commented over there.
Thanks, jmb!

lady macleod said...


thank you, it's appreciated, and thank you for coming by.

I Beatrice said...

Thank you for your kind and lovely response! I feel almost ashamed now, for having tried to drag you away from important work.

There's a little something else I badly want to share with you though... You will perhaps remember my expressed surprise (well, call it shock if you like!) when I saw the real photograph of the real, gorgeous, glamorous ( and YOUNG damnit!) you? Or perhaps you don't remember - and perhaps that would after all be best...

But anyway: I happened to catch one of my favourite films on TV last night. "Tea with Mussolini": a magnificent cast and a compellingly moving story.

But what I was reminded of most of all there, was that the character played by Maggie Smith (wife of 'His Britannic Majesty's Representative in Italy' - aka ambassador's wife) was the image I had at first conceived of you.

That was the way I perceived you in the beginning. 'Lady Macleod', I thought: 'yes, she sounds very grand, and she seems to recognise the sorts of people I write about...'. Ergo, she is likely to be the wife of 'Her Britannic Majesty's Representative' in Morocco!

How absurdly wrong I was, time, and your splendid blogs and comments have been quick to tell.
It was a shock at first. But I'm very glad now that you're not that Maggie Smith woman - but simply, unmistakably and entirely irreplacably, YOU!

(Sorry to take up so much space in your box! I always did have too much to say for myself.)

lady macleod said...

i beatrice

as i have said to you before, you 'talk' as much as you please here. what imbecile would be upset to have their comment space filled with nice things said about them? really!

thank you and thank you for coming by.

Maggie Smith? I rather think of myself as a cross between Helen Mirren, Katherine Hepburn, and
Maggie Smith - so that works for me.