Monday, 20 August 2007

Naughty and Nice

I have really good legs. I tell you this so that when I tell you I had great legs in the ‘70s you will see the continuity. During the seventies I wore the mini-skirt, I mean I really wore it – short to my knickers wore it. I had to learn to do the Bunny-dip in order to pick things up from the floor short.
* the Bunny-dip: a specialized move perfected by the Playboy Bunnies in the seventies to accommodate the rather low cut top when they needed to serve drinks, a move to prevent matters from falling out as it were where one would bend at the knees rather than the waist.

However I am British, more I am a Highland Scot and I consider myself somewhat prim - not because I would wish it, but it is an isness. I tell you this bit to let you know I have kept my assets up top covered for the most part, I mean there was the time line of the bikini, and the occasional evening gown that was cut a bit daring, but for the most part – covered. Why oh why are we pursuing this line of thought you ask? My days here at my “office” in the Mega Mall have brought this to mind. I am here again today, as the paper for which I wrote my article on Curling would like additional photographs, and has requested some of ME curling – the things I do for a byline…

I have been observing the women of Morocco since our arrival – and a lovely bunch with a definite sense of style they are. The hijab worn with Hermes scarves, pinned with a broach, highlighted with sequins and bright colors; the djellaba worn in every bright color you can imagine, fitted, loose, trimmed with all manner of lovelies like hand made lace and trims of gold, worn as more of a thought with the diaphanous coverings over tights and top, or jeans and t-shirt, western clothes worn fitted and with panache.,. And they are the queens of illusion. You see here that self same mini skirt from the seventies but worn over opaque tights that extend below the knee. In the very hot weather instead of a full djellaba you see many of the chiffon and silk coverings make to slip over the head and glide over the outfit underneath giving the illusion of coverage. Many of the youngsters wear the tiny t-strap sundresses or the short top wraps over a short or long sleeved body shirt. And everywhere and with everything the stiletto heels!

But what put me in this mood is that I have conceded somewhat to my adopted country. Oh no, not the djellaba, I began to wear those immediately I could have some tailored for me when we first arrived. I don’t wear them in the summer, as I can’t take the heat. No I am referring to the zones of a woman’s body that are considered risqué in the west. I remember reading about the Victorians, it was the ankle I believe that was shocking, and with the Chinese it was the breasts that were covered, where in the early American history it was the outline of the buttocks that was scandalous, and I do remember reading that at some point it was that spot on a woman’s neck just behind the ear, and in Morocco it is the legs that are covered. I can count on one hand the number of Moroccans I have seen in shorts, even here in Souissi where western dress is the most common. What area is exposed? The breast! We have been continually shocked at the revealing tops the women wear. And when we shop, much like the trousers cut with the long hems for the stilettos, we find the majority of the tops cut ver-r-ry low. I had resisted this trend until I remembered a quote from Shirley Maclaine, a woman who certainly kept her fabulous legs well into her seventies. She said as a woman passes sixty (not yet, but I’m going) she needs to highlight shoulders, breasts if you have them, and your legs if they have held up as these are the “last parts to go”.

Yesterday I was working hard at my laptop all the day, until at 1830hours, when Q approached my “office” quite out of breath. She was supposed to meet me here after she had finished with her Arabic class for dinner and to work. On the way to my “office” she was diverted by the sale we have been waiting for! 1,2,3 shop on the second floor of the Mega Mall carries the most delightful clothes in linen and silk but is very pricey. We have had our eyes on several outfits, just waiting for them to put up the Sale sign, alas it had not come and I had stopped looking. Q however was not deterred and found the 50% off all merchandise sale in progress. Needless to say I packed up my laptop and followed her in a quick hurry to the changing room where she already had a very full repertoire of clothing to sort through. I garnered my own supply and took the room next door.

What followed was a frenzy of, “No not that one.” “How does this look?” “Do you think this is too young for me, too short?” “Where can I wear this?” “I shall need a plunge bra for this.” “That won’t work.” “That looks smashing.” “Oh you have to get that!” “That is too old for you, it’s something someone in their sixties would wear.” “I’m close.” “Not that close, put it back.” We had a sweet good time and walked out with two large shopping bags filled to the rim. And the point of this story is that I gave in to the low cut neckline on three different outfits. Q had long ago in the summer gone the way of “that looks so good on you, you must wear it!”.



Sir James Beiggelschwarz said... was the ankle I believe that was shocking, and with the Chinese it was the breasts that were covered, where in the early American history it was the outline of the buttocks that was scandalous, and I do remember reading that at some point it was that spot on a woman’s neck just behind the ear, and in Morocco it is the legs that are covered...

Will you stop that? Otherwise I'll have to start behind your left ear, move down to the nape of the neck, down the spine, over the left ...

lady macleod said...

sir james

I, uh....'scuse me I have to get my fan..

Snuffleupagus said...

Really interesting post. Glad you are being 'dangerous'. As I get older, I cover up more and more - somehow it just seems rude for women, the older they get, to show off flesh. How I wish I had your courage!

lady macleod said...


I admit sometimes that is my instinct, but I work really hard at the gym so .... but I do know what you mean, I think I'll know when NOT to show anything anymore because I agree that can be distasteful. I don't wear the short skirts anymore. We have to have some fun eh?

thank you for coming by.

dulwichmum said...

I just love the sales, and I can't get the image of you in your very short skirt doing your special bunny move out of my head now. I shall go and try it myself!

Ian Lidster said...

I loved this. Oh, and the 'dip' with mini-skirted misses in the '60s and early '70s. a blissful nostalgia. I remember being in London in 1968 when the dollybirds didn't even bother seeing that their knickers didn't show. I was young. It worked for me.
Would it be OK with you if I added you to my blog list? I do want to come back again.

jmb said...

Lady Mac, you are the shopaholic indeed. When you finally leave Morocco, it will be with trunks and trunks of stuff.
Of course who can resist 50% off, so I totally understand.
I have a friend who always says who wants to see wrinkly cleavage. So I am careful about this although tops seem quite low at the moment.
Thanks for the links to the hijab and djellaba. I do remember the first before but not the latter.
I see Ian has arrived at this site, he has a very delightful humourous blog.

mutterings and meanderings said...

Ah, sales shopping... fab! I have been partaking myself ...

Sparx said...

Fabulous! You make me want to rush to Morocco to buy some of these glorious sounding outfits! I am still in the 'cover it up' period of my aging... I used to reveal all in my youth but while my legs are ok, my decolletage is certainly suffering a bit from wrinkles and so I applaud your well-kept self and your daring! Wonderful links too. This is the trouble with your blog, I can't just drop in for a quick read every day because each post needs to be lingered over!

lady macleod said...


i am pleased you enjoy the post and the links, I do try to get those in so you can see what I'm talking about. i must say i am very glad to hear of your "trouble" with my blog.

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


Excellent! and what gems did you find?

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


It's true, it's true, I do love to shop, but I mostly love it when that SALE sign is up!

Oh dear, I don't think my cleavage is wrinkly as I quite agree with your friend..

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


Welcome, and of course I would be pleased to have you add me to your blog list. You have endorsement from jmb, you must be special.

Oh dear, London 1968 those lassies were naughty indeed, I was up north at the time - studying..

thank you for the read, and I look forward to your return.

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


Oh and THIS shop put me in mind of you dear, you would love it - very posh. Unfortunately the Tod's bags were NOT on sale. I have no doubt you can take my place with the bunny dip - go now!

thank you for coming by.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Great post, Lady M. I'm so relieved to hear the breasts are "the last part to go"!

Ellee Seymour said...

As I get older I care less about my imperfections. Certainly my breasts are my best asset - so I have been told ;-)

Ellee Seymour said...

p.s I intend to grow old disgracefully too!!

lady macleod said...


Indeed, aren't we all!

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


There you go! Disgracefully is the only way to go!

thank you for coming by.