Monday, 29 October 2007

just the facts

I am having to use the bookstore for online time as I fill my cases with books to take back to Morocco for long afternoons filled with the adventures of others. I borrowed my friend's car today for shopping and it was so strange to be driving again, and with a seat belt! Very odd indeed. I picked up three jars of peanut butter for my landlord Abdul Latif - we can't get peanut butter in Morocco, and apparently he loves the stuff. I will admit to the occasional late night spoon dipping into the 'chunky' genre...

I will be posting in a spotty-at-best-manner I fear, until I am once again in the Maghreb. I find no end of amusement to the fact I have internet access in North Africa but I can't get online in MA in a very 'wired' house! The Verizon hook-up for cable television, telephone and internet service does not 'recognize' me. Can you imagine that?

It is stunningly beautiful here. Fall is awash in her glorious cape of colors - gold, red, yellow, orange.... The breeze is crisp and the nights chilly - heaven. It is so odd to see cars with only ONE person inside, and to sit in the book store SURROUNDED by books and people speaking English. I can finally get some sleep tonight as the Boston Red Sox won the World Series and I do not have to stay up with Cathy until the last pitch of the ninth inning. They swept the Rockies in four games! and happiness reigns in Boston.

I have had my appointment with the opthalmologist who says I do NOT have a detached retina even though I fit all the symptoms, whew. Just a bit of wandering viterous... I have seen the dentist to find out my gums are in great shape (yes!) and he replaced the broken tooth that I had ignored for a year, and gave me a bag of free dental goodies.

I am on the run as I must get home and work on my final papers for my history class. Education on the fly as it were.

More to follow, bear with me lovely readers until I am once again in the land of constant internet access.


jmb said...

Oh poor you! Having to set up your office in Barnes and Noble! My daughter always says to me, you want to go to Barnes and Noble,Mum? Hint, hint, for she loves it too plus she has a great discount card and a B&N credit card which gives her 5% more off.
I hope you have an extra suitcase for the books and other sundries. Peanut butter. Well I can understand that.
Enjoy your cool Fall visit in the East.

Annie said...

So, your writing has been spotty of late? My reading has been equally spotty, so it's all good!

I have been crazy about peanut butter since I was a child, so I imagine your landlord is sure to be very pleased with his prize.

I am jealous of the weather - sounds fabulous.

Phew on the detatched retina. While those floaters were annoying I'm sure it's a relief - keep an eye on it though (no pun intended!) My Mum's retina began to detatch on a trip out here to visit me - she had many many little black 'floaters' and she said it was like there was a swarm of tiny insects flying around. She had laser surgery to repair the tear. She was most definitely in the right place for that to have happened as had it happened at home I'm not sure she would have had the surgery so promptly.

Go see the opthamologist again before you return to Morocco if you remain in the least bit concerned.

Ian Lidster said...

Definitely will bear with you; am enjoying the tales of your travels. Last October when I was living in Grenoble for 3 weeks I developed a huge craving for peanut butter, and couldn't find it anywhere in that part of France. I went on line and somebody had written on their blog that they found some at a particular market in Grenoble. I went there and got the sole jar that existed. I think I felt like a junkie must feel when he's made a big drug score.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

How frustrating. My dad has Verizon and I don't seem to have a problem getting online there. Don't know what the problem is.

Do you get "floaters," black specks that seem to float across your eye? My dad (again) also has those. I do when I'm tired. Glad all is well, though, and that you can enjoy the fall weather.

Nicole said...

I just found peanut butter at Marjan last night! I was so excited, but it was a bit expensive....a small jar was 25 dirhams, but soooo worth it!!

lady macleod said...


I know, such a life of hardship I must endure.

I DID INDEED bring a case with no other purpose but to transport books back to Morocco. Ohhhh goody!!!

It remains lovely here and blessedly chilly - heaven.

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


Good, we're on the same page then..

I bought chunky and smooth, so I'm good.

The weather is indeed splendid! I could not have ordered anything more to my liking.

Yes, that's what the doctor said - as far as symptoms to watch for, at present I am good to go. That is how I felt as well, good timing on my part - to be on my way to the American medical system. Thank you for the advice.

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


Thank you sir, I appreciate the loyalty! I know what you mean about the 'junkie mentality'... you should have seen the joy and rapture that ensued this morning when I was granted, once again, unlimited Internet access! Ah yes, we could be addicted to more debilitating substances I suppose..

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


All solved now! It was indeed the need for a password, which the chaps had put into the computers in the house, but neglected to tell my friends. After HOURS on the telephone my persistent friend nailed the guy with the data we needed! Mercy! but all is happiness now!

Yes, just the one 'floater'. I am considering giving it a name as it is always with me now.. What do you think? Horatio? Henry? Dante?

thank you for coming by.

lady macleod said...


Well done! I have never seen it, but I know one of the other ex-pats who found a jar and was joyous. Funny isn't it, the things we miss?

thank you for coming by.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

It is, indeed ironic that you are having so many internet problrms there! Love your description of the Fall [I also love that word.] Are you going to tell us which books you have bought? We'll all be patient! Meanwhile, take care, Lady Mac.

Sparx said...

oddly, I couldn't get online in Vancouver - my brother's internet didn't recognise me either... hmmm.