Wednesday, 11 February 2009

I just don't know what title is appropriate...

Today, another round with the breast center at Methodist and the doctors ( I will be naming names) who are so busy covering their asses from litigation that they won't commit to a diagnosis until ALL - necessary or not - diagnostic procedures are exhausted. I ask you, if the films are bad enough for an MRI is that not indication for a bloody biopsy? Then just do it! All I am asking for today is a SECOND OPINION - that apparently requires so far: the technician, the supervisor of the department ( a verrry nice lady, Dalene), and NOW - the bloody Medical Director. In the end I see myself having to physically go over to the hospital and pick up all my records (which they will charge me for by the by - "Are we sending them to another physician for you? That would be free."
"No, they are my records and I want them."
"Then we have to charge you." At the neurologist office for TWO PAGES of notes, it was $25.00 American! Explain that to me!

THen I shall have to trudge about to find another radiologist who will charge me, to read them again! I'm so very tired.

Tomorrow is the Thyroid Biopsy and I tell you straight I'm quite terrified and I have shed more tears these past few days than over the past few years. And I don't like it.

Perhaps you should return in a couple of days. I have an idea for a cheery post and I'm going to write it!



Moannie said...

I'm holding your hand, brave one.

Annie said...

Having been through a breast biopsy in December I understand the frustration, aggravation and the worry that goes along with that. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. Sending you ever good thought for speedy and positive outcomes all round!

Anna said...

Best wishes for getting through the corporate tangle -- and out the other side intact and well!

jmb said...

Remember it will be fine, fine, fine!

But I do know how you feel. I am the biggest wimp out for any medical procedure whatsoever.

Even when I went for a CAT scan, and you know how different that is from the MRI machine, I had to go to the radiology department to inspect it before I would agree. I think if I ever need an MRI I will have to be anaesthetized.

It will be fine, fine, fine! Repeat after me.

Sparx said...

Oh oh oh... how awful and I know you have no real reason to be frightened but how frightening as well. And hateful to deal with such bloody beaurocracy at the same time. You WILL be fine and you will be fabulous while they will spend the rest of their days covering their asses, miserable sods.

Gary said...

I'll be thinking about you tomorrow and wishing you well. Why? Because why should tomorrow be different than any other day since I first met you? (In this I'm certain that I am FAR from alone.)

"Dieu vous benisse!"

lady macleod said...

You understand I already knew this but it apparently bears repeating that I HAVE THE BEST LOVELY READERS IN THE UNIVERSE.

Thank you all, I know I've never met any of you in the physical world but for my jmb and Gary - that does not lessen the warmth and the comfort that your comments have given me.

I'm a bit of a wreck just now I fear. I feel a bit of a coward as well - not something I'm comfortable with I'll tell you.

I continue to be amazed at the power of the Blog Universe, and just now - very grateful.