Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Just take a minute

to go over to the New York Times and read this and leave a comment eh? If enough people express outrage at such shameful behaviour - I don't know that it will make any dent at all but at least it will bring attention to the article and perhaps they will write more and then cause some change. Yes, we all know I am an optimist. In a world with so much misery just now from famine, war, genocide, and the spectrum in between, to economic devastation of countries and individuals I find this behavior insulting personally as a human being and just bloody bad manners.


Ian Lidster said...

And yet these swine actually manage to sleep at night. Outrageous, my love, but not surprsing.

jams o donnell said...

My God that is low. I wonder how some people sleep at night

Anonymous said...

Oh dear me, this is horrible, sadly as with most things that start in the US it will migrate to us eventually. Disgusting, what an awful job, even worse than cold calling.

Gary said...

I'm taking a dozen teens to Minneapolis today for a weekend Poverty Immersion Retreat. If there's time we'll stop by DCM and practice some non-violent civil disobedient protesting. (Years ago when I lived in the Twin Cities I was arrest three times for protesting outside of Honeywell Corp HQ. Another arrest wil be a trip down memory lane!)

Anonymous said...

Shocking - but not surprising. Our banks are basically the scum of the earth...

lady macleod said...

Not surprising is the terrifying part.
Thank you for coming b y.

I hope they use plenty of laxatives...
Thank you for coming by.

I have no doubt it will "migrate", more's the pity. I don't understand how one would even conceive of such an enterprise.
Thank you for coming by.

Keep at it! Well done.
Thank you for coming by.

I fear that I'm with you on that one as much as it saddens me.
Thank you for coming by.