Tuesday, 10 March 2009

for fun

You didn’t know…

That I needlepoint did you? You’re surprised aren’t’ you? He he. I don’t consider myself ‘girly’, of course there is a generational definition gap there, but I like my movies to go boom and my literature a bit heavy (Tolstoy, Black Holes and Time Warpss, Cold Zero, Inside Terrorism) or really light (Salvatore, Eddings, Grisham…) and I don’t do many ‘girl’ things (shopping is not a girl thing when you approach it as a planned op; get in, achieve the objective, and get out) but on the other hand I have read all of Jane Austen and Casablanca is on my top ten movies of all time list, right up there with The Dirty Dozen.

I began to needlepoint in 1970 and I consider it the largest contributor to keeping me out of the offices of any and all psychologists and psychiatrists. My best friend, Q’s grandmother, houses my History of Needlepoint Pieces that I have finished over the years, as I have made them birthday, and holiday presents to her for years because she loves the pieces, she just can’t do it. You have to find your own outlet (blowing shit up does the same thing for me, but I have to be located in an geographically hospitable environment, if not – the punching bag will do in a pinch).
Yes it is true, the last time I had to have my knee operated on my surgeon did threaten to test my testosterone levels after I began to run less than a week after the surgery. Hey, like I told him – “I didn’t take the pain medication until after I ran – so I knew if anything was going bleuy.” It sounded logical to me…

I began with simple pieces and wool threads, now I do a lot of cotton and silk. When I have to be confined to bed for whatever reason – I do a piece with gold thread in it – akin to playing tag with a rhino when you are naked and have poor depth perception. Here are a few of the pieces I have about. The “Starry Night” which is mounted on the wall belongs to Q, we had to wait until she settled in one place long enough to have a wall to hang it on! It has quite a legend and it is all written on the back, making it a more interesting piece I think.
The sky has nine different shades of blue in it, and it took me 13+ hours to do the gold. I saved it until I had my knee surgery and knew I would be confined to bed. As it happened there was a 13-hour replay of the Dune movie and television series and wa la!

The Egyptian piece was hand painted for me (all of mine are hand painted, most in London) from a photograph of the coronation medallion of Nefertiti. It was my first foray into using the silk threads – amazing I came out of that sane and without doing physical harm to anyone. The background is in wool, the faces are in silk, and the crowns are in cotton. I’m quite proud of that piece.

J (the story is coming, I promise) says I think like a man but look like a beautiful woman – not a bad resume eh? I’ll take it, and I freely admit that on the majority the thought processes of most women (not all!!!) are beyond my understanding.

All this to share with you something fun.



scarlettscion said...

We just painted the bedroom lapis blue; the Starry Night will look good in there I think.

You're using mental 'femininity' as a pejorative again :-P Insisting that masculinity=better and stronger/"thinking like a man"=more rational, less hysterical is a little sketch.

scarlettscion said...

not however, as sketch as saying that there is a racial basis for IQ differences, or that rich people are rich because they're smarter than poor people. You can guess who came out with that one at dinner.

lady macleod said...

Excellent, I'm sure it will look grand - I guess this means I need to get it to you eh? sigh
Yes dear, sorry about the "femininity" errors, good thing I have you to keep you straight ;-) You are of course correct.
Yes, oh my, let me think a "intellectual bigot", now who could that be? Not our blood....
So I'm still the nicest one right? :-) Legs.
Thank you for coming by and keeping me alert.

jenny said...

You ARE a woman of many talents aren't you?? :o)

I don't know why I've been away so long-- oh yes, because I have 4 children and a garden to start and a house to clean and... (you get the picture) I need to make my visits here more often. Thank you for not giving up on me and coming to visit me still.

Your recent comment about warm and fuzziness was what you needed, well, I am glad to help out. :o)

I've been catching up on all your posts and I am sorry about all you've been through lately, and I hope your recovery goes smoothly. I bet you'll look fabulous when it's all finished with, but if you asked me, I would have told you that you already look fab! Really!

Take care friend. xoxo

James Higham said...

I do love needlepoint - I have a picture of a Russian church done in needlepoint.

Had, I mean.

lady macleod said...

I'm always happy to see you over here. Thank you for the virtual affection and thank you for coming over.

Oh dear, "had"? When I get through the forty pieces I already have promised to family members - we'll talk.
Thank you for coming by.

Ian Lidster said...

Beautiful woman indeed, and your needlepoint is fabulous. Fun is a good thing always, dear.

lady macleod said...

Thank you love and thank you for coming by.

Averill said...

I am so impressed with the Nefertiti pillow -- gorgeous!